12 Great Ways To Mod Your Android Tablet

by Rohit Khurana on May 28, 2011


If you’ve just bought yourself a new tablet, check out some cool ways to modify it. As they (women) say, it’s all about the accessories.

1. Case


Top of the list, you need to get yourself a sweet-looking case, ideally in leather. This one for the Archos 5 is a great example.

2. Keyboard


If you need to be able to do work on-the-go, getting yourself a wireless/Bluetooth or a docked keyboard is the next accessory you should buy. It turns your tablet into a laptop for those times when you don’t have time to get home. These keyboards are normally very slim lined, such as this one for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and so your tablet-and-keyboard combo still aren’t as bulky as most laptops.

3. Wireless headphones


If you use your tablet as a music player, you might well need some headphones for those times when the family are getting annoying. These wireless headphones by Sennheiser, pictured with its charging dock, are perfect and also look pretty awesome. Leave your tablet on the desk and zone out on the coach with your favorite tunes.

4. Connectivity docks


If you want your tablet to have greater connectivity, more akin to a laptop, get yourself a connectivity dock. This Archos A9 dock gives you a VGA port for connection to a TV, or for presentations, 2 more USB ports and an Ethernet port if you’re after the fastest possible internet speed.

5. Wireless headset


If you want to make face-to-face phone calls using your tablet, but want some privacy at the same time, you’ll need a wireless headset. The range by Jawbone are some of sickest looking headsets available right now.

6. Logitech accessories


If you’re looking for a co-ordinated set of accessories to transform your new Android tablet, you should definitely check out the new range by Logitech, which includes a keyboard, wireless speakers and a wireless mouse.


7. Bluetooth shades


These TriSpecs Zeiss Lens Bluetooth Eyewear are shades that include headphones, and can be used to switch between phone calls and playing music. They look pretty cool as well – very Matrix-esque.

8. HDMI cable


Play high definition videos from your tablet direct on your massive HD TV screen. A must-have for those wanting to impress all their friends with their tech.

9. Portable Speakers


Wireless speakers are another great mod for playing your music on the go. These Tunebug Shake portable SurfaceSound Speakers can be attached to your bicycle helmet using a tripod-like attachment, so you can safely listen to music while you ride about.

10. GPS Receiver


If you don’t have GPS, it’s easy to get an add-on GPS receiver for your tablet like these from Dual Universal, and straight away you can get to using a bunch of apps that use your location via GPS.

11. Car mount


Another cool use of your Android tablet is to mount it in your car – perfect for playing films to distract the kids with. Get yourself a satellite navigation app and throw out your old satnav!

12. Charge extender


If you’re a frequent flyer, and are going on a particularly long journey, you’ll be worried about what you’re going to do when your tablet runs out of charge. Will you have access to a plug? If not, a charge extender like this one from Archos, that uses 4 AA batteries, can solve your problem, running your tablet for a few more hours.

This guest was provided by Danny who loves to blog about the best Android tablets at his blog.

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