3 Simple Things To Do To Avoid Virus Infection On Windows Computer

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on June 13, 2011


Viruses are malicious programs that can run down your entire system and leak your private data into the wrong hands. What about you system’s performance after been infected by viruses? How right can a computer perform in the presence of viruses? Your computer cannot be as right as it ought to be when there are viruses in your computer. The performance of your computer will deteriorate as soon as it is infected with viruses and by this time you fall on the brink of losing the entire documents and files on your computer.

Many people have been hacked and have loosed their paypal and email accounts to hackers due to the presence of viruses and spywares on their computer. Some viruses that seem to look harmless are the most dangerous; some viruses pose as antivirus and upon installing them on your computer you then begin to experience difficulties with your computer: such as applications mysteriously ending while in use, your browser directing you to harmful sites etcetera, etcetera. I shall be explaining some few tips on how to protect your computer against virus attack.

Install an up to date antivirus

Antivirus programs are developed to protect your system against virus attacks of all forms. Antivirus programs neutralizes any virus or spyware that gets into your computer; an antivirus can clean your computer if there are viruses on it and also disarm those that come along with files that are copied from flash drives and attachments from your email box. When you are installing an antivirus, you should make sure the antivirus you are installing is a well trusted and widely used by many computer users. You can easily purchase an antivirus program in the market while you can also get it for free if you care to use the free ones.

Keep your antivirus updated regularly

After installing an antivirus on your system, your system might still be visited by viruses if the antivirus you are using is not regularly updated. For your antivirus program to perform well for you, you have to update it regularly and frequently run a system scan. The fact that an antivirus is installed on your computer does not mean a virus can’t find its way into your computer, you can only assume that you are fully protected when you antivirus program is kept updated regularly.


Download from trustworthy sites

When downloading files and applications from the internet to your computer system make sure the sites you are downloading from are trustworthy sites. If you want to know the rank or the quality of websites you are downloading from you can install alexa toolbar on your web browser by visiting www.alexa.com/toolbar.

The toolbar will take the form below,


and then click the “install alexa toolbar.” When you visit a website, the rank of the website will be displayed on the toolbar.

You may decide to install the alexa status bar which will be displaying at the bottom side of your browser,


to do this click on “install as statusbar.” The statusbar will display the rank of the site that you want to download from and if the digits appearing are low then you are safe to download from it.

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