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by Rohit Khurana on September 27, 2010


If you want to copyright your images for security reasons or just for putting comments, then you can write your copyrights which could be your web page name, any comments, logo of your company etc. by using image editing software’s like Photoshop, Paint etc. But if you want to edit number of images, then it would be very time consuming if you use above software.

So today we are going to tell you about an quicker and easier way of adding watermarks on your images, by using tool named TSR Watermark Image. Using this tool, you can add watermarks on all the images in one folder by just single click. You can use either text or another picture as the source of your watermark and this tool will place watermarks in all your images at any desired part of the image.

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When you run this tool for the first time, it will ask you the above dialog box. Click on yes if you want this tool to start up as you boot up your system. Then you will see a very large window on your desktop.

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The best part of this tool is that all the features and options are added on single window making it very easy to use. Now I will tell you how to start using this tool. So the first step is to Select the location where your Source folder located i.e folder containing all the images on which you want to put watermarks. Then you will need to select the destination location which could be any desired location where you want to save the processed images.


Now next options are overwrite option. Click on this option if you want this tool to overwrite any image if it founds its duplicate already existing. Next is the column for Output Format. First you will need to give the extension in which you want to save your images. JPEG,PNG,TIFF,BMP and GIF are the image formats which are available. Then next you are required to choose the output image quality. You can choose from 0% to 100 %.


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Under these options, you can see option to even resize the output images. If you want to resize your output images, click on this option and then enter desired Width and Height in Pixels. Now the Last option available on left part of window is Watermark Location. The nine dots, which you can see represents the different location of your watermark on your images. Click on dot with desired location. You can even further customize the watermark location by putting values in Horizontal and Vertical.

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The right part of the window gives you the option to select the type of watermark You can select watermark as a image or as a Text. If you want to add a image, then give its location and then size in %. If you want to add a text watermark, then enter the Text in the box. Below it you will find various options to customize the style of your text like font, size, colour, add border etc. This tool will even allow you to write text in any angle. Click on Angle and then choose the desired angle in which you want to add your watermark.

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Once you are done with all the settings, click on start and then this tool will add your watermarks in all the images and save them in the desired size and format to the destination folder. This is the trial version and you can use this full features for 30 days. After that you will need to purchase this tool if you want to use it.

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The size of TSR Watermark Image is 447 Kb and it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access it. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and it requires .Net Frameworks 2.0 or higher and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition with .Net Framework 4.

Download TSR Watermark Image

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