Add, Delete, More And Protect Excel Sheets In Google Documents Spreadsheets

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on April 24, 2010


If you have been using Google Documents for document creation, editing and sharing, like I do, you will find this tip really useful. Google Documents is getting more and more feature-rich and powerful gradually and its a really easy and simple way of sharing documents. In this article I will share with you a simple tutorial on

  • How To Add / Duplicate A New Sheet To Google Documents Spreadsheets
  • How To Delete A Sheet From Google Documents Spreadsheets
  • How To Rename A Sheet in Google Documents Spreadsheet
  • How To Move A Sheet in Google Documents Spreadsheet
  • How To Protect A Sheet From Editing in in Google Documents Spreadsheet


All these tips are really easy to use, these options come in-built in the web-interface of Google Docs and can be used very conveniently.

First of all, if you want to create a new sheet, visit Google Docs click on Create New at the Top Left corner and select the Spreadsheet. If you already have a sheet you need to edit, just click on it to open in on the Google Documents web-interface.


At the bottom Corner of the Google Document, there is an option to “Add Sheet”. Just click this button to add a new sheet.

add new sheet to google documents

You will see two sheets now, named Sheet1 and Sheet2. You can add as many as you need. Now to Rename a sheet, you just need to click on the sheet name and it will show you some options, click on “Rename” and it will give you an option to name it the way you want to keep it. Its very convenient to name it logically.



You can now give your sheet the name you want. For example sales data, expanse sheet etc. etc. There may be case where you want to share a spreadsheet with someone but do not want them to modify a certain sheet even if they have permission to modify the spreadsheet. It means that they can modify certain sheets of the Google Spreadsheet and certain sheets will remain protected. To  Protect, just click the name of the sheet you want to protect, and click Protect, it will show you options to add protect that sheet from editing.


To delete a sheet from Google Docs, you just need to click on the sheet name and select Delete, you can also move the sheet left or right so place them in the order you need them to be in.


There may also be a case that you want to create another sheet with data similar to an existing sheet with minor updates / changes, in that case, the easiest approach is to Duplicate the sheet using the Duplicate option that again shows up when you click on the sheet name. This will create one more sheet with name like copy of Sheet1, where sheet1 is your sheet’s name.


Hope you find this tip useful. Check out more tutorials on Google Documents.

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Dharmesh May 5, 2010 at 3:12 pm

Need Help All please, my query is
I want to Protect sheet automatically may be 24 hours
for example
Daily reporting for the Team
so every one can edit in date 1 but as soon as day 1 ends the particular sheet should be lock automatically and use can access date 2 sheet but cannot edit in date 1 sheet. Please help any solutions, may be some code, or any hint.

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