Add Life Time Protection To USB Drives Against Autorun Viruses

by Rohit Khurana on April 2, 2010


We have many ways to protect drives from viruses including a tool which removes the viruses from infected USB drives and some other tools like Smart Virus Remover, USB Protect and you can also read our guide on how to avoid autorun virus infection and in worst case, how to Copy Data From Virus Infected Pen Drive


Today we came across another useful tool which can add life time protection for any USB Drive or other Removable USB Devices. This application is called USB Defender – It allows you to securely protect your flash drive from different type of autorun viruses which infect you drives and then you computers when your USB Drives are connected to them.

USB Defender was developed to be extremely easy in use. You can see just two buttons on it: "Protect" and "Unprotect". First button you are using to vaccinate your drive, second – to remove protection.



After selecting any drive, program automatically detects, if there is any protection active and only one button will be available for you.


Lets see what this tool does in order to vaccinate your drive against autorun viruses, it actually creates a system hidden folder called AUTORUN.INF as shown in the screen shot taken of the USB drives contents


After this autorun.inf folder that has been created no autorun.inf viruses can infect your pen drive which means even if you connect your USB drive to virus infected computer it wont infect your USB removable drive.


Conclusion – This program does allow you to add protection right now, as the time passes hackers will find a new way to make these viruses work, till then this could be real rescue.

NOTE: If you format your pen drive, this protection will be lost and you need to protect the pen drive again using this tool if you want this protection.

Download USB Defender

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