Add Multiple Email Signatures In Gmail For Each Email Id

by Rohit Khurana on July 27, 2012


Gmail is one of the most common free email service with high reliability, features and speedy interface on both computers as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablet. I use Gmail all the time and I have added all my email IDs to one Gmail account. We have previously shared a detailed tutorial to Send Emails From Gmail With Any Of Your Email Address. If you are not already using this feature, I would suggest you to give it a try. Also you can get the emails from different email ids into one Gmail inbox by setting forwarders in all your other email accounts for your Gmail account where you want to get all the emails.

Now I have one Gmail account for my work related as personal email IDs which I use almost for all emailing purposes, and I realized that I need different email signatures for these different Ids. For example, If I am sending an email from my Trouble Fixers id, I want it to show a link to in the email signature and for my other email ids, I want different signatures. Interestingly, Gmail supports this feature as well. In this article, I will show you steep by steep how to use custom email signature with each email address added to Gmail.

email signature changes as per email id

Just follow these simple steps to set custom email signatures in Gmail web interface to set custom email signature for each of these email ids which you have in your account.

Step 1: Click on the settings icon on the Gmail web interface and click on Settings.

gmail settings


Step 2: In settings go to General settings and scroll down to Signature settings. There are two options here, No Signature and other one is the option to select the email Id. Select the email id from the dropdown menu for which you want to set the signature.

select email id from dropdown

Step 3: In the text box below the selected email address, write down the email signature for that email id. Repeat this for all the email Ids in which you want a custom email signatures. Using this you can keep more fun signatures to your personal email ids and more formal ones to your work related email ids.

set email signatures

After you are done, scroll down to the end of general settings and press Save Changes button.

save changes

This is it, wasn’t is simple. If you are looking for a tutorial to set a custom email signature for Microsoft Outlook, you can read our previous tutorial on Add or Modify Email Signature In Outlook.

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