Add Password To Open Files And Folders With Protect Me Free Tool

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 2, 2010


We all have some files or folders which we want to protect. These files maybe work related, personal files or any other files which you don’t want others to open. Specially if you have a computer which is used by many people like a home computers or an office PC, you might want to protect some confidential or personal files and folders.


In this article I am going to review a freeware tool called Protect Me which creates secure password protected containers in form of executable files. This means that you can keep these files on a Pen drive and open them anywhere without having to install this tool anywhere. It is protected by AES encryption which is very hard to break, so your files and folders will be safe inside this container.


To use it, just run the tool and drag the files and folders you want to protect inside the container, type in a password (one you can remember, else you will not be able to access the container). After that, click the Create Container Button. This will ask you a path to save the container, also the container name as seen in window below.



Select the path and save the container, it will pack all the files and folders inside the container as seen below. This container file will be slightly larger than the original size of all files and folder put together inside this container.


To access the protected files and folders, just double click the container exe files. It will ask you for the password, provide the correct password and you will get access to the files as seen below.


You can simply click on the file you want to access / open, and press the Run button, it will open the file or folder from that container.


Download Protect Me

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