Add Start Up Programs With Parameters, Arguments To Run When Windows Starts

by Rohit Khurana on August 4, 2010


We always think that some program or files get stared automatically as we log in to our computer according to our working style.

But now it’s really easy to manage auto run of software on you PC in just a few clicks with the help of Advanced Start up Manager. We can add various files, programs,folders, or an internet connection in our start up menu which will automatically get start as we log in to our computer.

Its a user-friendly interface where we can easily add the files or programs through directly dragging the shortcut on to the start up manager, after that just click on to the apply button in order to apply the settings.

Sometimes we want programs to start as we log on to the system but we were not able to start it automatically,instead we have to open the pop-up window. In order to reduce this complexity we have a software through which we can be able to start the program or folder automatically as we log in to our systems.

Screenshot Studio capture #001


This is how the software looks like, now if we want to add the programs on it then

Screenshot Studio capture #001

after this menu appears,click on start up items then you will be able to add the applications on the start up menu

Screenshot Studio capture #003

Now the application will get add on the list now click on to the apply button so that the changes can settings can easily be implemented.

It has various features like we can able to change setting according to our need and will be able to add the internet connections on the start menu same as we have added the application.

So with help of the Advanced Start up Manager we can easily modify our start up programs in a user friendly manner according to our needs.

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