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by Rohit Khurana on October 13, 2010


Now a days, with ruling advanced technology, we prefer to use all the latest products which basically makes our work easy apart from adding luxury to our lives, it may be phone, operating system and so on (the list is really long).

Instead of all this, our current Windows explorer is the standard one even in the Windows 7 with just a little change of extended search option. It does not provide much features to make our work easy. Although there are many ways to tweak it but still it needs to be updated for easy working.

For this, there is a replacement of standard windows explorer called Better Explorer which provides various features for more convenient work.

Better Explorer is for windows 7 only. It requires .NET framework 4.0 for its installation. It provides many attracting features like tab functionality, synchronized command prompt, glassy view and many more.

After installation, the main window will appear like the standard one but with the glassy look i.e. the window is a bit transparent.


Better Explorer provides tab functionality which is the most attractive feature and makes it unique. Multiple tabs saves a lot of time while working which is much better than repeatedly going back and forward in the window.


You can either right-click on the opened tab for cloning it or use the options provided at the extreme right side of the toolbar.

After making a cloned tab, you can open any other document in that tab thus making your work easy in multiple tabs. You can also close the current tab when your work is done either using the option of ‘close current tab’ or just clicking on the cross button present in the tab.


This advanced explorer also provides the option of creating a new library in the same window. Also, it offers to change the icon of the library.


It also includes the option of extended search which is also present in the windows 7 and vista explorer. The toolbar of file operations for files and folders is eliminated in this application. The option of toolstrip for viewing the files in different ways is kept same way as in the standard one.

In short, the main feature of tab functionality makes this application a piece of cake otherwise it does not provide much features different from the standard windows explorer.

Download Better Explorer

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