Add Wallpaper In Google Chrome New Tab Background

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on April 4, 2012


Google Chrome is no doubt one of the best and fast browser across now, most the users love it because of the faster start up load time and quick open of new tab or closing of existing tab. But as it becomes one of the favorite browser, they want to personalize it to make it look more related to them and so that they can associate it to their personality and lifestyle and as they want it feels more personal to them.

Previously there were many ways to add themes in google chrome, some extensions and some tweaks but most of them does not work now on the latest version of google chrome. Now if you want to give google chrome a personal look, you should install the official extension called My Chrome Theme from google itself.

Add Your Own Personal Wallpaper In Google Chrome New Tab Background

It lets you create a google chrome theme, and allows you to change the color of google chrome toolbar and other interface in just simple 3 easy steps. In three simple steps:

Create Google Chrome Theme With Own Wallpaper

1) Import an image from your computer to use as your theme background. Adjust the size of your image, placement, and more.


Upload Google Chrome Theme Wallpaper

2) Add some color to the rest of your theme by customizing the omnibox color, tabs color, and remaining parts color of the browser.

change color in google chrome

3) Name your completed theme and install it on your own Chrome, or share it with others on Google+ or through a unique URL and then click Make My Theme.

Green Theme Google Chrome

It will then make a custom Chrome theme for yourself with a URL which you can share with a friend. Let your creative juices flow.

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:) April 11, 2012 at 2:25 am

i don’t have a G-mail… i can get the app, cuz it say’s i have to log in. :(

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