Clean Up Disk Space In Windows To Improve Performance

by Rohit Khurana on May 24, 2012


Older and more used computers tend to get slower and the reason behind it is not that the hardware wears off, the reason is more to do with the software part of it. More and more stuff we install on our Windows computer, the more loaded it becomes. While disk space usage is not such an issue as is the long list of startup tasks sucking up the CPU and RAM as soon as the Windows starts leaving lesser resources for other programs to use. We have already shares a solution to optimize startup programs in Windows which improves the computer’s performance significantly in most cases.

Lately a too full system disk (with less than 5 GB of free space) on the operating system is installed tends to also slow down the Windows computer. The reason behind slowing down of computer is that Windows does use the hard disk for many operations which are not directly performed using RAM, this is more pronounced with the computers will less than 4GB of RAM and running multiple tasks at a time. Although your disk usage may depend on your need for saving files and data, we recommend that you keep your not-so-important data like movie filed and videos on external hard drives or non-system disk partitions. But the system disks contain Windows OS do get full when we install a lot of programs and because of cache, traces, uninstall data and other stuff. In this article, I will share with you a freeware tool to clean your disk of all these unwanted files. Although this functionality is also supported by Windows itself, yet an efficient tool like Wise Disk Cleaner comes in handy with scheduled cleaning options and its quick scan and cleaning.

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Using this tool is very easy, simply download and install Wise Disk Cleaner from its official website and you are good to go. A word of caution for those who don’t want extra stuff to be installed on their PC – on the last screen of the installer, the software offers to download additional registry cleaner, do uncheck the bob if you don’t want to download this additional tool which is optional.

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After you launch the Wise Disk Cleaner and run a scan, it takes just a few minutes (or less if your computer is fast) to scan the disks and it shows you a report on what all files and traces on disk can be removed and how much extra space will that make. Bases on the information, you can choose to keep or delete the stuff by un-checking the stuff you want not to be removed.

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When you have selected what all to keep and what to delete, you can simply click “Start Cleaning” button to remove the unwanted stuff. In the cleaning operation too, the tool is pretty fast and efficient. If you want to relieve further disk space, you can click on the Slimming System tab on the Wise Disk Cleaner and select to delete the Windows installation files and cache which will increase further disk space, but we recommend not to do it until you have too much of disk-space crunch.

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One of the most useful features of the Wise Disk cleaner is the ability to schedule disk cleaning operation. You can simply schedule future scans which will run a scan and show you the scan results at a specific time interval which you choose.

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Although Wise Disk cleaner is a very efficient tool yet if you prefer to do it in more conventional way, our quick disk cleanup guide will help you. You can also try some alternative software tools for related tasks like PC Housekeeper and System Ninja. Hope you find this tutorial useful and easy to follow, do share your comments and suggestions below and share this tutorial with your friends.

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taoreed May 25, 2012 at 11:51 am

i appreciate your explanation. The problem is that my computer totally hang and the mouse is not working

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yeah your article is so useful.

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