After installing new RAM display comes but Windows does not load

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on April 17, 2008



One of Trouble Fixers reader, Pritam, reported a problem saying “After installing RAM display comes but OS did not load. and system restarts automatically“.


Strange co-incidence is that today only I bought some new RAM for one of my friends computer and I too faced such issue. I tried installing it on my computer and my computer also did not boot with new RAM. It was restarting again and again and again, not loading windows.


One thing I realized on comparing the RAM module which I am using and the new one is the number of Memory Chips on memory module.


Let us see in details.



On observing closely,I found that there are 8 Memory chips on the new module on front side and no chip on the rear side as you can see in the above picture .


The module which I am using is having 8 chips on front and 8 at the back.


This simply means that each chip on new RAM is high density chip and contains twice the memory as compared to the old module. Due to this high density memory, my old motherboard is not able to read it properly and thus is not booting normally.


So next time you want to upgrade ram, be sure that the one you are buying is compatible with the old computer that you have. See this post for some more precautions before buying a RAM.


I didn’t have such good luck. Now I will find some of my friend whose computer can handle it, or I will get back to the vendor and ask him for a replacement with a compatible version.

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Rohit April 19, 2008 at 9:45 am

I went to the dealer with my Computer and asked him to provide me a RAM which is compatible to it. He replaced it with another one with a different chip-set on it. Surprisingly it also had 8 Chips on one side and no chips on other side, but it worked well with my computer.Had to pay him a few more bucks for the replaced RAM, but anyways it works!

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