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by Rohit Khurana on August 30, 2010


Most of us found us to be internet savvy. We might be using Internet connections in one way or the other. And now, the wireless connectivity is gaining the popularity. The users working with the wifi faces the problems like unable to connect, signal strength etc. The best option you can adapt is the utility known as Xirrus WiFi Inspector. This tool will make the use of wifi extremely easy.

Xirrus WiFi Inspector is a freeware of 19.8 MB. It will show you all the wifi connections available within the range. It will help you to access the best connection in terms of signal strength and troubleshoot the problems if any. The snapshot given below displays the working of the tool.


When you open this tool, it will display all the layouts in the single window regarding the wifi networks in that area. You can also see a particular layout to have a clear view from the options available under the tab Home. The radar will show the relative distance of the wifi network in terms of signal strength. It is shown as the position of the user as the centre. As the signal strength increases, the access point will be displayed in the inner circle and vice-versa.



The table will show the complete details of all the networks. The details are as:

  • Service Set ID (SSID).
  • Signal (dBm) used to represents the signal strength in figure as well as a bar.
  • Network Mode stating the standard or type of WiFi.
  • Default Encryption showing the privacy control method.
  • Frequency (in MHz).
  • Some other information like Default Auth, Vendor, BSSID (Basic Service Set IDentifier), Channel, Network Type and Graph.

Signal History will help you to see the received signal strength (in dBm) graphically. You can see more than one network at a time with the check box in the table.It will show 500 seconds history. Some of the useful options while using the graph are as follows:

  1. Right click on the graph to select Reset Chart which will delete the history.
  2. Right click and click on Select All Networks to display ten strongest signal strength networks in case of more than ten.
  3. Zoom In: Shift+down arrow+left click.
  4. Zoom Out: Alt+left click.

There are three tests in the Test Menu to get the measurements related to the connection. The tests will help to troubleshoot the problems. They are:

  • Speed test
  • Quality test
  • Connection test

Polling menu will help to refresh, start and stop the signal search. This tool also contains the User’s Guide to help you for the assistance if required.The Glossary will show the standards and important terms related to wifi. So, download the tool and enjoy your wi-fi connections easily.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector can be used for Windows XP SP2 or later, Vista or 7.

Download Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

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