Announcing Trouble Fix and Earn Competition (TFEC) [For Indians]

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 26, 2012


This is to address all the readers of and all the users who post questions and answers on which is our troubleshooting portal for computer problems. We deal with all kinds of windows and non windows computer problems troubleshooting.

Trouble Fix and Earn Program

What is TFEC?

We are introducing a new program Trouble Fix Earn Competition  (TFEC) to encourage members to answer and help  others in a logical way. This way all the readers and users posting computer problems gets the right solutions to their problems in time, and more you answer logically and accurate, more points you get and then more money you earn that way.

To start this, we have decided to award 10 top troubleshooters who help others to solve there computer problems. Following are the rewards.

1st Rank — Rs. 1000/- and a certificate from TroubleFixers
2st Rank — Rs. 800/- and a certificate from TroubleFixers
3rd Rank — Rs. 400/- and a certificate from TroubleFixers
4th Rank — Rs. 300/-
5th Rank — Rs. 250/-
6th Rank — Rs. 200/-
7th Rank — Rs. 150
8th Rank — Rs. 100
9th Rank — Rs. 100
10th Rank –Rs. 100

When does Trouble Fix Earn Competition (TFEC) Start and End in a month? Will it repeat every month? 

This competition will start from 1st Of every month to last day of every month, first sessionof this program will start on 1st Of April 2012 [Mind it, its not a April fool joke ]. Yes, it will repeat every month once it gets started.

How To Participate In This Competition? 

You will first need to register to start answering questions on troubleshooting. It will take few minutes to register and registration and participation is free.

Register here:

Who Can Participate In Trouble Fix and Earn Competition?

Yes, if you can are an Indian you can participate in TFEC. There is no restriction of any age or educational qualification.

How Many Times One Can Participate In This Competition?

Every month you can participate in this competition, this competition will run every month after 1st April 2012

How Will I Receive The Winning Amount?

We will use courier and speed post to send cheques and certificates to the winners. Winners name for the above awards will be announced at link below

Yes, I am willing participate in TFEC, How do I start?

1. Register here if you are not already registered at this link:


2. Check not answered and recent questions at this link: and

3. Try answering a question by posting a helpful, detailed and logical useful answers which could really help the users to fix their computer problems.

4. Once you have answered, you can check your points at this link or in your user profile on the website:

5. Keep answering and you will see the your points increasing, more points you get by helping others with your answers more are your chances to be in top 10 troubleshooters.

I am trying to post good answers and gaining points as well on answering questions, but I do not see my name under top 10 users on leaderboard?

Every new member starts with 50 at the time of registration. Our moderators and admin will check everyones’ answers’ quality and increase or decrease their points based on that. So make sure that every answer you post is helpful, logical and detailed and actually works to solve the problem. You can easily gain points by answering but if your answers are actually not of good quality, then you will see the points to decrease. We will keep a close eye on all users contributing with answers to problems posted.

Please note: If your answer is selected as best answer by our moderators or admin, you will get 10 points for that answer and the user who asked that question will also get points.

I see some members have much higher points and rank in the top 10 leaderboard, how do I come in top 10 if my points are low and I have just started?

As we have just started running this program, and we have some members who are already answering questions has points already in their profile for the answers they posted previously– if you want to come under top 10 work hard and post good quality and helpful answers.

Each Month Points Access System To Ensure Right Users Gets The Reward, I am Top 10 List on Leaderboard why I m not getting the award?

Each month we run this program, we will access the points earned by you so it is not the top 10 users you see in the leaderboard who gets awarded each time, it will be those who post good quality answers. So the Top 10 scores of each month will get rewards.

Before you start you should know, what are the guidelines or rules?

  • Please Do NOT copy paste any content or text from other website. We will check each and every answer of yours for this.
  • You can always take information from other websites and search engines, but make sure you write every thing in your own words and completely original.
  • Your answers should focused around the solution and should be logical and clear to understand, use simple English language only.
  • Please Do NOT copy other users’ answers they posted on other or same question which you are going to answer.
  • You are not supposed to link to other websites for the solution, you can only link to any article on

If you still have any questions or doubts, please ask us at

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