Answer Top 5 Computer Questions Of The Week – #1

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on June 24, 2010


We have always tried our best to provide solutions to computer related problems and queries. In our efforts to serve our readers better, we had launched – Answers By Trouble Fixers, a question answer portal dedicated to computer related questions and answers. Answers by Trouble Fixers is about 5 months old now and has over 1000 computer questions and solutions to many of these questions.

In order to bring out the best questions and answers to you, we are starting this series of Articles called  – Top 5 Computer Questions Of The Week. This is part 1 of the same, We will list top 5 questions here asked in past one week by our readers.

Q1. I have 64GB pen drive. Will it be possible to do a fat32 format in windows?

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Q2. Computer keeps shutting down unexpectedly and turns on unexpectedly ?

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Q3. Copy Paste Command Hangs Windows XP ?

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Q4. When I open window it cascades slow from the top Downwards ?

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Q5. XP install error problem – BSOD appears ?

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Hope you will get some useful information from these questions which are submitted and answered by us and our readers collectively. If you have suggestions to make this section better, your comments are most welcome.

Please Note: Very soon, we are going to run giveaway of some cool prizes and goodies for the top troublefixers of the month on Answers By TroubleFixers, so keep answering the questions we are posting here, you can register here and answer to questions posted on Answers By TroubleFixers, Stay tuned for more questions next week and keep on answering to win some cool prizes.

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