Are Facebook Apps Revealing My Personal Data In Public?

by Rohit Khurana on May 13, 2011


Symantec Security researchers came up with a problem with the Facebook and also notified them about this problem. The problem is not surprising but still it has high level priority as it deals with the privacy of the users on Facebook. Whenever you try to access an application on Facebook, then it asks for certain rights to access the information of your account. The problem notified by those researchers was related to the leakage of that information whose rights has been given to the application. In this post we will talk more about this problem.



Whenever you provide an access of your information then you provide a Spare Key to that application which has the access to use that information for their use and they can also access your friend list to add anything on the wall from your behalf. Now, this information is precious for the user and while giving the permission to the applications they do not expect it to be misused.


Initially when this problem was detected the number of applications which were involved in this problem was too high but when they offered a new model to these applications then this number got reduced considerably, as it seems that this model avoids the effect of data leak bugs. So, we can say that all those applications which use this new model are not leaking the data

Facebook stated that they have investigated all the applications carefully and concluded that till now they have not came across with any of the evidences till now, as no advertisers has been found using the information. But still they will not ignore this problem and will take the earnest efforts to it. I hope that sooner they will come out with a flawless solution and meanwhile just try to be optional while granting any permission to any of the application on Facebook.

So next time you allow any Facebook Application to access your data, think twice and be very cautious as there have been numerous Facebook Spams on the Internet from time to time.

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