Ask TroubleFixers – Solutions To Computer Problems – #10

by Rohit Khurana on June 8, 2009


This is part 10 of the Ask Trouble Fixers series, we have picked up five questions out of some problems we received from our readers.


Trouble 1 :

I have Intel 845GL-M motherboard,I have installed Windows XP sp2,but i can not install audio driver because i don’t have that driver software. – Praveen


To locate the hardware drivers, you need to know the motherboard brand or hardware chipset.

See the three articles below that will help you in solving your problem related to device drivers:

1. Find / Download Device Drivers For Detected Devices On Your Computer
2. Know Detailed Hardware Configuration of Your Computer

3. Check Details of Device Drivers Installed on Your Computer


Trouble 2 :

During Internet connection when I am surfing or browsing the internet the picture or images are not clear something like blurred images, i use mostly all the browsers but the same  problem remains on all browser. – Sunil



This can be due to several reasons including:

1. Improper screen resolutions, for this problem, try with different screen resolutions by right clicking the desktop > settings, change screen resolution and try loading images.

2. Improper graphics drivers. Check your graphics drivers and also flash player for dynamic content.

3. Improper browser settings. For this problem, try in different browsers like Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Opera / Safari etc. Try to adjust the browser settings to achieve proper loading of images.



Trouble 3 :

I once installed the Nokia PC suite but now I want to uninstall that but I am able to uninstall that. It displays the error message saying some files or missing. I even reinstalled whole Software again thinking some files have corrupted even then when I uninstall it is displaying same message that some files are missing. – Apache


There are certain softwares which create problem during un-installation. To uninstall such softwares, see this article : Fee Un-installer Tools To Remove Un-wanted Programs


Trouble 4 :

I got this virus named pagefile.sys  – Hanafi


Pagefile.sys is Windows operating system file which is usually created on C-drive. This is not a virus but an important file needed to run windows properly. To hide this file see this article on hiding system files : How to hide desktop.ini and thumb.db

Trouble 5 :

How to format the pen-drive/flash which says the drive is write protected. – Raj


This is one of the most common and annoying problem these days with pen drives. See our article on : Remove Write Protection On USB Pen Drive or Memory Card . The last method in this article, updated on 28th May 2009 lists the utility to format such pen drives.


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