Ask TroubleFixers – Solutions To Computer Problems – #12

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on July 13, 2009


This is part 12 of the Ask Trouble Fixers series, we have picked up five questions from the emails we have received from our readers.


Trouble 1 :

I have a problem opening up group policy editor on my laptop running XP home from the run command. – Mark


Group policy editor is not available for Home edition of Windows XP. You can use group policy editor by running “gpedit.msc” in professional edition of windows XP.


Trouble 2 :

I recently bought one Acer LCD monitor from our Kuwait local market. My problem is after I connect my Acer LCD to the CPU and just I want to format my computer so i put my Windows Operating system cd (Windows XP professional) in the drive to boot but that time the screen is shows input device not recognized and black screen and its written like "Input Device not Recognized".But if I remove the boot cd from the drive and start the computer its working normally so please suggest a solution to me. – Shan


The reason as per what I can figure out is the graphic card to which the monitor has been connected. When you are using an operating system boot CD, that time connect the LCD monitor to the on-board VGA port at the back of the computer casing (which you are calling CPU). This will ensure that the video output is always there even in the absence of the graphics card driver.


After you install Windows XP, install the graphics driver on it, and connect the monitor back to the Graphics card. This should solve your trouble.


Trouble 3 :

I cannot access my registry editor. why ?  – Manas


The registry editor gets disabled due to malicious scripts or viruses or trojans. To enable the registry editor, see these two links:

1. Registry Editing has been disabled by Administrator


2. Virus Effect Remover – Remove damages caused to computers by viruses


Trouble 4 :

I have dell laptop with windows xp sp2. Whenever I try to open internet via Internet explorer “send / don’t send error appears”.When i click “send or don’t send” all web page are closed. Please help me to resolve my issue. – Hemant


This is a case of Internet Explorer crashing on accessing Internet. Read our article to solve this problem : Internet Explorer crashes with a message “Iexplore.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”

Alternatively you can try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, both of there are pretty nice browsers.


Trouble 5 :

USB drive is disabled by administrator in LAN based client PCs. how to enable usb drive in client pc though it is disabled/ blocked by administrator? Is there any program or vb script which can enable USB without administrator. – JB Soni


Even if you are a not an Administrator, but a user with administrator rights, you can enable the USB. See the article below to enable USB drives : Pen drive blocked-disabled at office or college computer – Unblock it

In case you don’t have administrator rights, see this link, this will help you get admin rights : Get Administrator Rights In Windows Limited Account


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sang August 29, 2009 at 12:12 am

My pendrive is been detected but wen i double click on that i get a msessage “insert disk into drive.”
can you slove tihs problem?

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