Ask TroubleFixers – Solutions To Computer Problems – #14

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on August 22, 2009


This is part 14 of the Ask Trouble Fixers series, we have picked up five questions from the emails we have received from our readers.


Trouble 1 :

When my pc gets started the desktop shows an error message every time
-"D:/windows/eksplorasi.exe" file is missing.How to get rid of this? – Rajish


This problem occurs due to remaining registry entries for missing executable files which are usually viruses removed by your antivirus softwares. You can remove such errors by registry cleaning. See this article for the solution : Windows Can Not Find svchost.exe


Trouble 2 :

Explorer restarts when USB hard drive accessed . – Prateek


This kind of problem is faced when there is something wrong with the file system or there is some virus in the pen drive. To fix it, first do scan disk and after this to remove virus, see this article: Computer Restarts On Inserting Pen Drive


Trouble 3 :

I am very badly facing this issue GENERIC HOST FOR WIN32 SERVICES error,and
when i click on Don’t send the internet does not work at all. – Nasir


See the solution in this article : Generic Host Process For Win32 Services Has Encountered A Problem And Needs To Close



 Trouble 4 :

I am running windows vista 32bit. My display settings keep changing from 1360×768
pixels to 800×600 pixels on its own . can you please help? – Rodney


Screen resolution usually changes when you run an application that needs to change screen resolution. Typically when you play a game or run some display intensive application, the resolution changes. This is a problem with the application you are running. For solving this issue, you need to ensure that the graphics driver and DirectX version is correct.  See the below articles to files the same: Flickering Graphics While Playing Games and Display Resolution Degraded


Trouble 5 :

I am using Windows XP by mistakenly I disables Administrator account. Now i have
only guest account. Please help me to enable admin account. – Rohith


You can upgrade your limited account to Administrator account using this article : Get Administrator Rights In Windows Limited Account and Reset Administrator Password In Windows


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