Ask TroubleFixers – Solutions To Computer Problems – #18

by Rohit Khurana on November 16, 2009


This is part 18 of the Ask Trouble Fixers series, we have picked up five questions from the emails we have received from our readers.


Trouble 1 :

My pen drive / memory stick gets detected by my pc but does not open. It shows the message "Please insert a disk into drive f". Device status indicates that its functioning properly. Properties on the other hand now show ‘0 bytes’. – Prashanth


This kind of problem occurs due to three reasons:

1. Faulty pen drive -  Try use the drive on some other computer to ensure that the drive is not faulty.
2. Drive letter not assigned properly – See this tutorial – How to fix “Please insert a disk onto drive error”

3. Registry Problems – See this tutorial – My Computer Does Not Detect Pen Drives


Trouble 2 :

While playing game on PC, suddenly blue screen of death appear and PC have to be shutdown. – Sahil


This looks like a graphics driver or DirectX problem. See this article for details – Flickering Graphics While Playing Games on PC

 Trouble 3 :

I can’t make safely remove pen drive work. If i make safely remove then it shows, the program is in use or use by another program. There are three options given : 1.Cancel  2.Try again 3.Continue. If i give continue then it make safely remove. Pleas give me solution this problem – Sathishkumar



Close all the files and programs that are opened from the pen drive and then remove it, it will get removed easily this way. The other thing you can do is to try the un-locker tool suggest in out tutorial – Generic Volume Can Not Be Stopped Right Now



 Trouble 4 :

I have a problem that when I view any videos online, it plays and gets stuck. Same thing happens when i play games. I have installed flash player, directx etc…I even formatted my computer,even formatting didn’t solve it. – Nandu


The problem of online videos getting stuck is because of the Slow Internet connection in most of the cases. It can also be because of high CPU usage. As you mentioned that the games also get stuck, so I would advice you to check the CPU usage with task manager and see if some process is taking too much CPU. Follow the below steps :

1. Check and clean some startup tasks, see this tutorial – Computer is too slow at start-up

2. Install latest version of graphics drivers, see this tutorial – Graphics Problem While Watching Movies and Playing Games

3. If there CPU usage it too high, see this tutorial to fix it – CPU usage is 100 % 

If all this does not solve your problem, test your internet speed and upgrade your computer’s RAM


Trouble 5 :

I have performance problems in my laptop. My laptop is very slow, it takes a long time opening applications. – Venkatesh


Laptop gets slow when lots of applications are running in background. Check for the Startup processes that run when you start the laptop. See this tutorial – Computer is too slow at start-up


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kanhu November 18, 2009 at 12:35 am

when i working on my laptop suddenly appear bluescreen error and it need to shutdown or restart. pls give me solution for this

Piyush November 27, 2009 at 9:34 am

When run the program in c language of graphics,the problem is occur to get the output of that program,the c window show error message with termination and need to close it.

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