Ask TroubleFixers – Solutions To Computer Problems – Part 3

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 1, 2009


Continuing with our series of Ask Troublefixers , here is part 3 of the article on computer problems we published last week. This time also we will pick some common computer problems.


Trouble 1 :

I have a peculiar problem.When i try to open few websites in my office like, its not loading..The page is blank.But when i use proxy server I can able  to load that website and some other websites like is not opening and I m getting blank page.   – Praveen


This problem occurs due to two reasons, your office IT team have blocked these particular domains on their DNS, or they have blocked these sites using CHOSTS file entry for these sites. If you want to access them in such a case, you can keep using proxy, or change the DNS to Open DNS or Other DNS as suggested in this Article. Also check for the CHOSTS entries.


Trouble 2 :

When I try to open my Network Connections I get an error message "The Network Connections Folder was unable to retrieve the list of Network adapters on your machine. Please make sure that the Network Connections Service is enabled and running". – Amit


This Problem usually occurs when there is some problems in starting of windows network service, see the tutorial on Windows Network Services to solve this problem.


Trouble 3 :


When i bought my laptop some things were not there, but later on on found (auto exec.bat,bootmgr,config.sys,hiberfil.sys,pagefile.sys,$recycle.bin,boot,config.msi) these ones there. I don’t from where  all this came from. – Rohit


These are windows system files which are always there and are always hidden and not visible to users. Some times accidently or due to some software or malicious script, this settings get enabled. See this tutorial on hiding the system files to solve this problem.


Trouble 4 :

I am using windows xp sp2. My problem is when I am starting the computer the windows xp logo is coming very slowly (blurred view to normal view).  Please tell what the problem could be? – Mohammed


This problem occurs not because of windows, but usually because of old and dusty monitors. If that is a CRT monitor, the chances are high that its getting old and the tube is getting dusty and weak in power. See this article on flicker of old monitors.


Trouble 5 :

I downloaded a game called DELTA FORCE,(trial version)and later uninstalled from my computer.  But, thereafter one file named DF7BDE.tmp in temporary folder could not be deleted even using after `Remove on next boot’ application.  What to do? Is it a virus? How to delete this? – Rajkumar


There are some applications which might be holding the temp file. We have already covered this problem in this article on Unable To delete a file in windows.


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achal April 14, 2009 at 6:58 am

hi, even though pen drive is enabled,when the pen drive is inserted it shows “INSERT DRIVE H:”

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