Ask TroubleFixers – Solutions To Computer Problems – #4

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 13, 2009


This is part 4 of  our series of Ask Troublefixers , we have picked below five e-mail problems and answered them in this article.


Trouble 1 :

In my computer the loading of installed softwares is very slow when I switch on the computer for ex. virtual cd. system explorer, antivirus. Please solve my problem, I have to wait for 15 min every time – Sharath


This problem occurs when there are lots of programs in start-up list which start automatically and the computer has low RAM or old hardware resources to handle so many softwares speedily. We have covered the steps to disable some start-up tasks which are not critical for startup. Here is the article on Computer Is Slow And Takes Too Long Time To Start.


Trouble 2 :

I cannot format my pen-drive ,data can not be stored in it more than 10gb though it is pen-drive of 16gb,cut paste option also not available?  – Miheer



Formatting Pen-Drive is a very common problem these days mainly because of fake or spurious pen drives in the market which are hacked to show that they are high-capacity whereas theta re not. See out article on Not Able To Format Pen Drive to see the details.


Trouble 3 :

What is CRC error? I get CRC errors while copying data from CD or DVD.   – Mahesh



CRC is called cyclic redundancy check, is nothing but a calculation done after copying a file from CD/ DVD or after download of a file. If the CRC at the Source (CD) and Destination (on Hard-disk) does not match, this means that file was not copied correctly. Now if you get a CRC error while copying data from a CD / DVD there are high chances that the CD is scratched or the lens of the reader is too weak. First of all, try to clean the CD / DVD with a soft and dry cloth, also See the Article on How To Read Scratched CD.


Trouble 4 :

I have a VGA card and I didn’t have the cd of the driver of it and I formatted my pc. I remove it to see the model to download it but I didn’t see any model on it what I can do is there any program can know the model of this VGA – Mohammed


Yes, there is a nice utility which shows you the hardware details of the devices connected to your computer. See this article on Know Detailed Hardware Configuration Of Computer.


Trouble 5 :

When I boot up and log in before the hour glass disappears ‘my documents’ opens 52 times.  I then need to close group down.  – Vicki


This is generally because of RUN entrees in Windows Registry which are created by some malicious scripts. See the Solution in the Article My Documents Opens Automatically On Windows Startup.


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