Auto Repeat Play YouTube Videos In Loop [Google Chrome]

by Rohit Khurana on January 17, 2011


When it comes to the videos, youtube is our first preference. We can find almost all kind of videos related to studies, research, songs, movies, entertainment and many more. Now, while playing these videos we might need to control them. Every time we have to play, pause or restart, we have to go the particular tab and make the changes. This is bit problematic at times. We have to give a break to the work we are already doing. But this is no more of a problem now. An add-on known as YouTube Controls will solve this matter.

YouTube Controls is a google chrome extension which will help you to control the videos (play, pause or restart), the way you want. Install the extension and enjoy operating the videos. It is available free of cost and takes only few seconds in the installation.


After installation, the icon will be placed on the toolbar as shown in the snapshot below. Whenever you will open a youtube video, it will be highlighted. You can simply play or pause from the icon present on the toolbar.



You can play the video in a loop without any effort. The video will automatically restart.Though to change the settings: Right click on the icon-> Go to Options –> Uncheck Loop Video. Same procedure has to be followed to put the video back in loop.

The snapshot below shows that the video is in play mode. Now, even if you are on any other page, you can pause the video from the toolbar. No need to go to the webpage again and again. This is applicable even if you are in the new window.


So, you would find the tool pretty interesting to operate the youtube. But there are few hurdles. If you are buffering more than one video at a time, it will control the last video only you have opened. Infact, in this case if you play or pause other video, the last video will be simultaneously operated. That is, you have to pause the last video again and again. So, the extension creates hurdles when you are interested in playing alternate videos. Handling many videos in different tabs will be quite difficult.

But, if you have play a single video, it is a wonderful tool. You can easily control at the time of any urgent work, phone calls or others. You don’t have to switch between tabs or windows. It makes the work quite simple and easy.

Install YouTube Controls

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Sal October 6, 2011 at 2:54 am

This extension seems to have been removed.

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