Automate Backup Of Windows Files, Folders On Local or Remote Computer

by Rohit Khurana on July 12, 2011


Irrespective of the use, irrespective of the kind of data and irrespective of other such factors, today every user who is storing data in one form or the another in the system wants the data to be completely secured and want to avoid it from any kind of attack. Although, there are many ways and techniques to avoid such harmful attack or the loss of data, but taking backup for that data after a fixed regular interval of time is one of the major and most useful method of making sure that your data is safe and secured. For that backup of data, there are many tools available which provide this facility to the user.

One of the such available tools is Duplicati which is available as a freeware and offers the facility to completely secure the data by properly backing up the data. In order to make use of the tool, you simply have to download it from the below given link and have to install it in your system. After installing you will observe that the program displays a backup setup wizard automatically. This wizard will take the user through the complete process of creating the first backup job.


As soon as you launch the program, you will observe a simple and nice looking interface which will ask you to select the name of the folders and files that you want to be included in the backup process. Not only this, but by its own intelligence it will suggests several common Windows folder out of the box for the user such as, My Documents, MyMusic and similarly all the files present on the desktop itself. Apart from this, you can also provide the custom paths to the backup easily in the same step as your data may be present somewhere else then these locations suggested by the tool.



It will show the complete space requirements that are needed for the backup and then it will also re-calculate it whenever you add new folders or if you remove any of them from the list. Backups make sure that your data is completely secured and safe by providing the complete protection with the help of a password. After doing this, now it will ask about the location where the user wants this backup to be made. This is one of the most advanced feature of this tool as compared to others of its kind. The user can provide either the local or the remote backup locations as well. Starting right from the Amazon S3 and CloudFiles over WebDAV based, and till the local folder backups as well. User can configure the location in a very easy step.


After the path has been entered by the user, it will authenticate the location if it is a remote location. The last step will provide quite a few advanced options, which allows the user to schedule these backups so that each time the user must not take this backup manually. It will also provide the configure rules such as when to remove older backups, size and bandwidth limits or filters to take in or leave out any files from the backup.

Download Duplicati

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