Backup Data Automatically When Some File or Folder Changes

by Rohit Khurana on July 12, 2010


‘Creating a backup and then maintaining it’, this task is as tedious as it seems important. Every time when you create a backup, it takes a lot of time and then uses lot of space of your system. I was really fed with these problems so I ransacked through many websites and ended up with a solution called as Bvckup which will save your time and space on your system.


As already mentioned in the article reviewing a similar tool like ‘Handy Backup’ about the convenient ways to create a backup, but this tool has its own advantages with limited features which can help you to overcome some more problems. This tool keeps on monitoring all the files, folders and applications installed on your system. Once you install this tool on your system and use it to create backup, it will keep it saved forever and when next time you again run this tool to save the changes in your system then it will not create a new backup from the very starting but it will only make the required amendments in the previous backup file.


It will not only copy the file content but will also copy attributes, timestamps, NTFS Security and ownership information. The size of this tool is just 404Kb, and I can assure that this size is very small as compared to the other tools which perform the same function.

After the installation completes, an application window will appear which will look same as shown in the above snapshot. Under the options tab you will find an option named as ‘Create’ Backup, if you want to create a backup then you have to write the name of the backup created and then you will have to enter the source of the files whose backup is to be created and the destination, where the backup will be stored.


You don’t have to keep this tool running on your system, as whenever launch this tool it will initially monitor the source folder and then it will sense the changes occurred as compared to the previous backup file. After detecting the changes it modify the backup and within very less time you will have a complete and current backup at the specified location.

As already mentioned this tool is very small and light. This tool is also compatible with all the version of Windows and it has been verified by testing them on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Bvckup

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