Automatic Restart Program, Application In Windows When Its Crashed, Stopped

by Rohit Khurana on October 30, 2011


It is very obvious that you want some processes to be run all the time in your computer and must not come to an end. This is because some processes in the system are more important than others. Some of these processes maybe like ftp client or p2p software which you want to run all the time on your system irrespective of the other processes running in the computer. Along with such programs or applications, you may also want to make sure that parental controls or other monitoring or security applications are running all the time on a system, as they are very necessary for the other processes as well. But, due to some unexpected behavior or some other issues it can happen that important processes exit or get killed which may not be a problem if you are sitting in front of your computer, but may be a big issue if you are not anywhere near it and it may also affect some of the other programs or processes running in your computer. For such scenarios, today we are going to discuss a small utility which may prove to be helpful to you.

ReStartMe is basically a small program which has been developed especially for above mentioned scenarios as it monitors the selected processes on the system to ensure that they are running all the time. Its primary function is to monitor and if at all any of these processes exits or gets killed then it ensures that they must be restarted.



This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and as for most of the applications, you need to install the program before you can use it. It can be installed in few simple steps. Once you run it, you may observe that it displays a list of all processes that it monitors in the interface, among which user can easily select the important ones. Although, the list is empty on the first program start obviously as it starts monitoring at that time. But as soon as you click on the Add a process button, it opens a selection menu where a running process or a local executable can be selected for the further processing. Once selected, that particular process or application is then added to the list of watched processes.


As said earlier, ReStartMe will restart the process on the system if it exits or simply close down for any reason. You may see the options at the bottom of the program window that allow you to remember processes for the next startup and you may configure it.

So, overall we can say that ReStartMe is a small, little, handy program for Windows users who want to make sure that one or multiple processes or programs are running all the time on the operating system for them. So, just download it from the given link and try it out.

Download ReStartMe

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