Add Track, Album and Meta Description To MP3 Songs On Your Computer For Use in iPod, Zune and other Multimedia Players

by Rohit Khurana on September 15, 2011


Everyone of us have a large music collection and we want to organize that music collection according to our choice of classification like Title, Artist, Album, Track, Genre, Comment etc. . This is necessary so that the media players, music players, iPods etc. don’t take much time in creating playlists and indexing of songs. In many songs that we have the meta tag information can’t be edited, but now I have got a solution to your problem an application named Toe Tag.

The application has features that will help you to match the name of the file and the meta tag information. The application can also fetch the meta tag information from for the selected audio files. So you will not have to add the meta tag information like Title ,Genre, Artist, Album Name etc. manually to the audio files.

ToeTag 1

This is the first window that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after installing it. In the above window the left hand side window contains an internal browse window with which you can browse the computer for songs and add them in this tool. Now you can select any of the song and modify the meta tag information of that song using one of the tabs like Tag Filename, Multi-Tag Editor, Filename Tag and CDDB. You should first select the song for which you want to edit the Meta-Tag information. The Tag Filename tab has an option to define the Filename Mask which defines what combination you want to see in the Filename. You can select from the already existing choices or you can also define your own Mask.


ToeTag 2

In Multi-Tag Editor you can change the various fields like Artist, Album, year, Comment and Genre by selecting them and then when you will click on the Edit Details button you can edit the fields that you selected earlier. The tab also has the option to define the naming convention using the Caps drop down. There is also a Cover check box which will allow you to add the cover to the songs.

ToeTag 3

The Filename Tag is same as the first tab Tag Filename except for the fact that this has more options like Visual Editor that can help you to edit meta-tag information in a better way, so that you can decide how is it displayed.

ToeTag 4

In CDDB tab you can search the meta-tag information for the song at You will have to enter the information in the two fields about the song to enable a faster search. The way you can directly replace the meta-tag information from the internet.

Download Toe Tag

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