Automatically Ask To Remove Private Data And Sessions On Closing Mozilla Firefox

by Rohit Khurana on December 5, 2011


While browsing through the web, you often use your secret information on various websites which you want to get deleted as soon as you complete your work. Various browsers provide various features for deleting this private data so that it can’t be misused by any other user using the same system. Among these browsers, Firefox is the one which provides its users with several options for deleting this private browsing data. Some of these options includes running the browser in private browsing mode which allows the user to make sure that no private data is left out for misuse, or by simply configuring it to delete the data on shutdown or running the clear recent history module manually in order to delete some or all data from the browser. But, all these option requires some knowledge and may look like tedious task for the casual users. So, instead of all these options we recommend a small add which may serve the purpose for you.

AskForSanitize is basically a small add on for Firefox users which basically allow its users to view the clear recent history window whenever the user closes the browser, so that no private data is left in the browser’s history for anyone else to misuse it.



You may download this add on easily from the link given below. After installing it in the browser present in your system, you may observe that it becomes very much possible to clear everything or only select data sets which you want to be deleted. For e.g., instead of deleting all the data, it also allows the users to delete the cache, browsing and download history or simply the site preferences in the dialog, so that it can’t be misused. User may also make use of the time range to clear the data that is older than the selected time range.


You may observe that this particular Firefox extension comes with a toolbar button that simply triggers the delete browsing data prompt on mouse click. Although, this option is not added automatically to a toolbar, and the users need to place it there manually by simply right-clicking the toolbar and by selecting customize and then by finally dragging and dropping the button to the desired location on a Firefox toolbar. Thus, it is very simple and easy to configure the option along with the extension.

So, just download the add on from the below given link in order to make your computer safer and secured.

Download AskForSanitize

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Steve December 6, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Incompatible with FireFox 8.01! :-) Sad, because the Google Chrome add-on that does the same thing functions perfectly, easily and quickly!

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