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by Rohit Khurana on September 21, 2010


You often use your Emails to share files like images, videos, documents etc. with your friends. If you want any particular file from your friend, then you usually send him a mail asking for that particular file and then checking your mail number of times to ensure that whether he has replied and send you the requested files. Now once you get those files, you need to download them. So, if you don’t want to waste your time in this tedious process, you can use AirDropper.

AirDropper is a simple tool developed for all those users who demands files through Emails. The unique feature of this tool is that this tool automatically download files to a particular location in your computer, once it receives any file in your online account. To use this tool, first you will need to create a free online account on and then download a tool name DropBox to automatically download all received files from your online account. Dropbox can be installed on any Computer, Windows, Mac or Linux. Also it can be installed on all popular phones including Dropbox for  iPhone and iPad, you can also install DropBox on your android phones,Blackberry phones or Symbian Phones using web interface of Dropbox.

So to use this tool, first go to this link. Now you will see a page as follow. Click on start and then using any of your Email address, create a free online account on this web site.

14-09-2010 13-33-47

Now once you complete all the necessary details, you will see a page as follow.

14-09-2010 13-36-51

Now from this page you can request any kind of file from your friend. As you can see above, the first box contains your E-Mail address and in box adjacent to it, put email address of the person from whom you want to request file. In box below, mention the type of file like you can ask for videos, images, software etc. At the bottom you will see the location where this tool will automatically download your file. Will tell you about this later. Click on send once you done with all boxes.

Then your friend will receive a mail on his mailbox requesting from that particular file. You can see below how a mail is sent.

14-09-2010 13-43-13


Now your friend can click on link provided on email and then upload the files which you have requested. Once he uploads the requested file and send it to you, you will get a mail conformation on your email address. For the first time, you will receive two mails. One will give you link to download tool Dropbox and other giving the confirmation that your files are automatically downloaded to a particular location. You can see both mails below.

14-09-2010 13-48-21

14-09-2010 13-49-30

So first you will need to download the tool Dropbox. You will surely get the downloading link in your email, but just in case if you don’t get its link because of any technical issues, you can download it from link given at end of this article. So when you run the exe file of this tool, first you will need to enter the email address and password of the online account which you have created earlier.

13-09-2010 02-13-19

In the next window, you will need to choose your dropbox account. This tool is free till 2GB but if you require more space, then you can purchase it.

13-09-2010 02-13-59

now at the end of the installation, it will even provide you the option to share your dropbox folder with your other compuetrs on LAN or through internet. You can customize this option if you want to share your downloaded files.

13-09-2010 02-14-51

So once you download Dropbox, your all files from your inbox will be automatically downloaded to My Documents>My Drop Box. So now you don’t need to worry about checking your mailbox again and again for confirming whether you have received the email and then waste time in downloading those files. This way, this tool will save lots of your time and will even make your work simpler.

The size of Dropbox is 12.8 Mb and still it wont take much time to get installed and it will create a desktop shortcut for that particular location where it saves your file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download DropBox

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