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by Rohit Khurana on July 21, 2012


Many webmasters rely heavily on their social media marketing and promotion to get more visitors to their content. After search engines, Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the best ways of meeting the right audience and sharing useful content there. Almost all websites and blogs these days use these mediums by creating official social media pages and accounts to keep in touch with their readers in a convenient way. One of the most popularly used way to automatically generate a buzz on social pages when new content is published is through the RSS feed publishing on social pages. This feature is supported by many official and unofficial services related to the social media pages.

When Google launched Google+, it did not provide an option to automate the publishing of new articles through RSS or Atom feeds and neither did it provide any third party route to do the same, but recently, a popular social media management service called HootSuite has added the support for Google+ pages and now it supports the automatic RSS or Atom feed publishing for Google+ Pages. This is a long awaited feature which has just rolled out in July 2012. In this article, we share with you step by step guide to do the same to publish RSS Feeds on your Google+ Pages. The first requirement is however that you should have a valid email address, a Google plus page linked to your Google account.

Step 1: HootSuite offers both paid and free accounts with certain limitations in the free version, you can choose the plan you want as per your social media needs. You Sign Up here if you are not already registered. If already registered, please skip this step and proceed to Step 2.

Sign up for hotsuite

Step 2: On the start screen, click on the option Add different social network

Add Social Profile

Step 3: Click on the Google Plus icon on the left pane and click on Connect with Google+. This will open another window where you will need to login and authorize access of your Google+ pages to HootSuite.

Add Google Plus Profile


Read the terms and Click on allow access to proceed.

Allow Access To Google Plus Page

Step 4: After your allow access to your pages, click on the Google Plus pages you want to add and click on the button Finished importing.

Select Pages to activate

Step 5: All the pages you add will appear as tabs on HootSuite dashboard, click on the tab of your Google Plus page, click on Settings > RSS/Aton

Add RSS Feed

Step 6: Click on the plus button which says Add New Feed and this will open a windows where you will need to enter the feed and publishing settings.

Add new Feed

Step 7: Enter the feed URL here and select the page on which you want to post this feed. Select time interval for checking feed and publishing and click on Save Feed.

Enter feed settings

This is pretty much it, hope you like this small and simple tutorial.

Feed added

Do share it with your friends so that they can also benefit from it.

source-  @HootSuite_help

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Saude July 21, 2012 at 6:11 pm

I have problem with my email please if you can help me Thanking you

Ajay July 26, 2012 at 2:00 am

Thank you for the tip! I just created new Google+ pages for my sites a few days back and didn’t want to manually paste updates to them

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