Automatically Shutdown PC When Download Is Complete

by Rohit Khurana on October 29, 2011


Some times you have to keep your computer running overnight because something is getting downloaded. Due to which many times the computer will stay even when the download is finished. This causes a lot of wastage of power which will add to your electricity bill. It also cause your computer or laptop to run overnight and cause unnecessary heating in their parts. But today I have got an application named DownOff which will solve your problem and will switch off your computer or laptop automatically when the download is over.

The application will automatically shut down your computer after your computer reaches a particular level which is set by you. The application can be used to manage all your downloads on the internet as well as on the network. The software is used to monitor the download speed of the files and shut down the computer when the download speed reaches a particular limit.

DownOff 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. This window contains buttons like Test, Configure, Reset, About and Exit. When it you will press the Test button it will start the timer for the software again. When you will click on the Reset button it will reset the software to its original settings. When you will click on the configure button it will open a configuration window to configure various options of the software.


DownOff 2

This is the window which will open when you will click on the Configure button. The window has options like Averaging Over, Download Delay, Download Threshold, Log Level, Log File Name, Path To Log File, Download Directory, Activate After, Shut Down Time, Shut Down Type, IP Address and Port. The window has buttons like Archive, View Log, Restore, Save and Close. The Averaging Over option has a limit between 1 to 30 seconds. The Download Delay has a limit between 5 to 600 seconds. The Download Threshold has a limit between 2 to 50 KB/s, this option is used specify the limit at which the computer will shut down automatically. There are two check boxes Run On Top and Run Minimized you can select either of them depending on your requirements. You can also specify the various option for the Log File such as File name, Path and Download Location. The activation time can be changed by Activate After option.You can also choose the type of shutdown i.e. Power Off, Hibernate, Monitor, Reboot, Shutdown and Standby that you want to perform in the Shut Down Type option.

Download DownOff

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