Protect Facebook Wall, News Feed From Unsafe Links, Scams and Malicious Content

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on June 11, 2012


There are many people who fall for different facebook scams daily, and with time this the number of people clicking unsafe facebook links has been increasing greatly day by day. The answer to a question that why facebook users tend to click on a scam link is it could be a sex tape videos of some celebrity or could be tempt money making scam. Once they click it the malware in the link or website which infects their account and probably send the same scam message to all their friends or by posting it on the facebook wall of the user infected.

Protect Facebook Wall, News Feed From Unsafe Links, Scams

Now, it order to avoid such things on your account, you can follow any of the solutions we have suggested below to actually use facebook safely and avoid any infection. You just need to little aware to stop this happening to your facebook account.

Don’t Click Any Link Which Appears To Be Fake

All those updates which promises you give opportunity to earn great money, other find scam videos on facebook are common examples for example a some times a update could promise you to know who visited your facebook profile in day which is again fake as facebook does not allow this feature, another could be a facebook dislike button and so on. There can be numerous examples of the scams like this aged pictures on facebook or get facebook account verified and others similarly.

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Check Facebook Apps and Remove Spam Facebook

The most common reason of these scams messages posted on your facebook wall are scam apps which got approved by you just by clicking a potential link without you knowing about it. In such cases you will need to find the potential harmful app and remove it delete it from your facebook account on the facebook app page.

remove facebook app

We agree that not every facebook user is so much tech savvy and you may not be able to identify the facebook scam posted on your facebook wall or appearing in your news feed, as all the time there is name attached to these scam messages or update and you click it as appears to your that it is from your trusted friend on facebook, but you may not know this message reached you because your trusted friend facebook account has also been compromised, moreover you can also read some tips on how to be safe on facebook.


Some other non tech savvy solution to protect your facebook account are given below, please take a look at the same.

Avoid Clicking Unsafe Links By Installing Apps That Will Make Web Safer For You

We already wrote an extensive post on how to make facebook or any other website safe for you or your computer, so you can avoid clicking potential unsafe links including the ones on facebook.

Protect Defensio App To Protect Facebook  Account From Scams

Defensio application for Facebook, businesses and individual users can now protect their Facebook walls from malicious links, inappropriate content and comment spam, you can also protect the facebook pages you have created in your facebook account.

protect facebook pages from spam

Note: Defensio offers different pricsing plans which also includes a personal plan which allows you to use this app for free with scanning on 25000 posts or updates per month on your facebook wall or news feed as shown in the image below.

personal defanso plans

Facebook Defensio Settings – You can click the image below to enlarge and see all the settings options in defensio app for facebook.

facebook defensio settings

As you can read the image above, it allows you to block Malicious Links, Scripts hacking and lot more. It will let you specify the rules on how it should work in case it detects a spam, malicious content or profanity as you can see in the image below.

Defension Protection Rules

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