Backup And Restore Mozilla Firefox Profile, Configurations, Settings, Passwords and More

by Rohit Khurana on September 25, 2011


Today every user wants that the data present in his/her computer must be totally secured and reliable. For this, various functionalities and tools are used by which data present in different files can be backed-up so that it can be retrieved even when any tool or even the system crashes. There may be number of reasons, such as hard disk failures, your files may get corrupt, windows may crash, etc., due to which you may lose your files and data which may prove to be a real disaster if that data is really important for you. So, to avoid such situations backing-up your data is very essential by one means or the other. So, overall we may say that having a complete backup of all your important files is very important as you never know when your files can get corrupted or can be lost due to above mentioned reasons. Along with the files, sometimes your browser data such as all the configuration and settings of the browser may even be lost. So, today we are discussing one of the tool which can help you in above mentioned scenario and let you recover all your data from your Firefox browser.

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Firefox Backup Tool is basically a simple, easy to use, and a useful backup tool which is available as a freeware and allows the user to take a complete backup of all the Firefox configurations and settings. You may observe that the tool may help you to backup all your profiles, bookmarks, passwords, add-ons installed, history, and also even the saved sessions, along with all the other relevant data. Once saved and backed-up, you may also restore any backup to Firefox in case you want to install Firefox again or if the browser crashes.



So, you may download the tool from the link given below and after installing it in your computer you may observe and try all the features available in the utility. There are several good features which comes up with the utility and one of such features is that you can password protect the backup file and protect it from other using it. As we are backing up the data in a file, so this feature provides an extra layer of security so that it should not be used by any other using the same computer. As mentioned earlier, the other tab provided in the interface allows you to restore Firefox backups which you created and saved in a file.


Although, it is a very simple and easy looking utility but for those users who frequently update and tweak their Firefox, or simply those users who do not want other people to modify the main configuration of the browser, this is the perfect software for them.

Download Firefox Backup Tool

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