Backup, Encrypt and Manage All Windows Passwords With One Simple Tool

by Rohit Khurana on November 3, 2011


Security is one of the major concerns for almost all the users irrespective of the domain in which they work. Everyone wants their data to be completely secured and that is why they use different levels of security mechanism through algorithms and different techniques. Various applications and utilities are available on the web which can be used for this purpose, These apps automatically handles, manages and if required recovers the Windows account for the users. Similar, to these utilities, today we are going to discuss one similar utility which not only manages the Windows Account, but is a complete password manager and retriever in itself.

Advanced Password Recovery is the utility which we are talking about. It is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available portable application which has been developed to manage the operating system’s accounts and passwords. It allows the user to change and remove all the user passwords, generate random alphanumeric passwords, encrypt and decrypt any string or text with a password and along with this it also allows the user to recover Messenger, Windows, Office, Browsers and Wireless connection passwords and keys, if it is required. It happens many a times when user forgets the password of a User Account, and if that is the case with you, then you can delete and enter a new password for that account using Advanced Password Recovery tool.

This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be easily installed in the system. After launching it, you may observe that the Menu displayed on the interface allows you to switch between the four modes of the application which are as follows : Windows Account Management, Recovering Passwords, Password Generator and Password Encrypter, as shown in the below snapshot.



Among these options, Windows Account Management can be used to remove a password from an account, and it allows to set a new password for an account. It also allows the user to either enable or disable or to simply delete an account. In order to set a new password of an account, user simply needs to choose the account name from Username drop-down menu, and then the user needs to type a new password and simply click on the Patch button.


Password and Serial Recovering enables are the other options available with the tool which allows you to backup all your passwords into text files. This may be a real benefit especially for those users who often forgets their passwords. You may observe that from the left side, you may select the passwords that you want to save from Messenger and Related, Windows and Office, Browsers and Wireless. After this, you simply need to enter the path where you want the text files with the passwords to be saved, and click on Recover.

Similarly, other options come with different functionality which can be explored, once you download and use the utility.

Download Advanced Password Recovery

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cao yao November 4, 2011 at 9:09 am

I advise you to use Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery.

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