[How To] Backup Windows 8 Files And Programs And Re-install It Quickly

by Rohit Khurana on August 25, 2012


Windows 8 is a versatile operating system from Microsoft which works well not only on the Desktop and Laptops, but also on tablets and surface devices because of its superiors Metro tiles and touch-friendly interface. With the adoption of the same OS on multiple devices, it becomes all the more important to keep your Data and installation backed up. With digital documents, files and programs becoming important in the technology age, there is a need to keep the computers and tablets backed up so that you don’t loose your device functionality for long time if the Windows 8 OS got corrupt because of disk failure or any other reason.

RecImg Windows 8 Backup (2)

In this article, we share a useful tool called the RecImg Manager for Windows 8 which created easy to use images of the Windows 8 installation and also the programs installed with it. It creates a full image of your Operating system including the metro Apps. Some of the features which make this tool quite useful and easy to use are:

  • Saved the OS files, documents and programs which means a complete backup
  • Restore functionality is quick and easy so it gets you up and running in case the Windows 8 installation goes bad for whatever reasons
  • Delivers easy to use touch interface which makes it convenient for Windows 8 tablet PCs
  • Since the programs are also backed up with Windows, so you need not spend hours in re-installing all the Apps and softwares again as they are also restored when you restore using RecImg tool

RecImg Windows 8 Backup (3)


The easy to use touch-screen friendly interface is quite simple and easy to use on tablets as well as Desktop / Laptop computers. The operations are quite basic, so its easy to use as well and one needs not be a geek to use it.

RecImg Windows 8 Backup (4)

The whole functionality is easy and simple and the backup process is simple and convenient without too many confusing options. As a simple tip, its advisable to save the backups on a reliable external disk for extra safety of the data.

RecImg Windows 8 Backup (5)

The backup data is saved and showed in simple tiles format and its easy to restore from previous backups if the Windows 8 goes bad.

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