Backup your important data in 9 easy steps

by Rohit Khurana on February 23, 2008



Once my friend’s system got crashed and all the important data was lost.

Does fear of losing your important data haunts you too ? If yes, you must read and follow this post.

You can take a backup of important documents on a regular basis. This is also helpful in case there is some need of carrying your data from one windows computer to another.

The windows backup utility is simple to use. Lets see a hands on how to take the backup for your important data.


1. Open “My computer”. Right click on C drive and click properties. Go to Tools tab and click Backup now.

2. This will Open a Backp Utility as seen in image below.

3. Click on Backup tab, set the Backup destination path for backup file by pressing the Browse button at the left-bottom.

4. Select the files and folders which you want to backup.

5. Press button Start Backup.

Backup utilitie

6. This will show a window as one below. Press Start Backup button.



7. This will show backup progress bar as seen below.

Backup process windows

8. After finish of backup you will see a window like this.

Backup complete

9. Go to the Backup Destination path which you selected in step 3. There you can see a backup file which typically looks something like one shown below ( backup.bkf ).

Backup.bkf file


You can use this file to extract the backed up data on the same computer or other computer in case of data loss. Take a backup of all your important data on regular basis. Store your backup file in some external media or online drive for more safety. Hope it will give you some peace of mind !

We will soon write a post on how to extract your data from backup file in case of need.

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kalyan choudary February 25, 2008 at 3:25 am

Wow its a great tip provided to protect data when system crashes. I hope you suggest the way to extract data from backup file created by the way you suggested.

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