Use Cubic Explorer When Windows Explorer Hangs

by Rohit Khurana on August 6, 2010


With evolution in various applications it’s the time to switch from windows explorer to cubic reality explorer.

Cubic Explorer is an excellent free program for Windows whose function is to manage files. It is known for its interesting features, its sleek design and for its extreme ease of use. It can create bookmarks to expedite the search for folders

In this fast moving world we always need something new to explore as to increase our exposure to the new world and cubic explorer is among one of that.

It is a easy to use application instead of windows explorer which is being provided by the Microsoft. It is add on application which makes our interest in doing various activity in a well organized manner.

But the reason is why we should switch over to this cubic explorer as we are used to windows explorer?

The answer is due to its interesting features which makes it different from the other explorer. We always have a problem in windows explorer that when we switch to some folder then we are not able to access the previous window on the same window but with this we can add multiple tabs on the same window which helps to reduce the complexity and reduces our time.

Secondly If we want to add some text then we have to open a notepad or Microsoft Word but with the help of this utility we can add the text on the same window.

Thirdly we can able to save the changes that w emade on the cubic explore, butin windows explorer this feature is not being provided.


Due to these specifications it is quite different from other explorers which make it user friendly and easy to use.

Now the question arises how we can use this explorer? We can download the application and install on your system. One more advantage of this is that it does not manipulate the registry. Now a shortcut will be added on the desktop through where you can use this application.

Screenshot Studio capture #012

This is how the application looks like now how we see how various operations can be performed

Screenshot Studio capture #004

01) In order to add the TAB in the explorer click on it.

02) These are the new TAb which are being added on the explorer.

03) Though this text editor can be added.

04)Through these buttons we can change the folder views according to our wish.

Hence a free software which is quite handy to use and it does not require any system specification as it is quite small in size…

Download Cubic Explorer.

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