Best Google Chrome Extensions To Search Text Across Opened Tabs Webpages

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on May 4, 2012


There are times when you may need to search a word or phrase or text across opened tabs webpage and websites in google chrome, for instance there was a time when I was doing a research in my college days on some physics topic and was trying to search about that on google search and search came up with many pages I have opened in google chrome, then I was looking for some specific term that should be present in these opened pages in different tabs in google chrome at that time there was no way I could do it, so I saved all the pages and did a full text search using a SQL query on the content of these pages after extracting the content from the .HTML files of those pages.

Google Chrome Extensions To Search Text Across Opened Tabs Webpages

Suddenly some thing similar happened yesterday, and now to my surprise google chrome and the extensions eco system has evolved so much that you have extension for most of useful task you want to do on google chrome. After some searching I found 3 different extensions which could really help you in such cases.


First extension in this category which allow you search text or phrase across all the webpages opened in different tabs is Search Plus It helps to find the tabs you’re looking for from all opened tabs regardless of window, and you can manage the found tabs easily and quickly.

Some Key Features Of Search Plus Include The Following

  • Search tabs contains specific words
  • You can operate found tabs
  • Close tabs
  • Collect tabs into a single window
  • Insert text to the title of tabs
  • Inject code to the document of tabs
  • Capture images from tabs all at once
  • Language Supports: English, Japanese

You can see this extension work in action with large number of tabs opened, in the video below.

Another similar extension which you can easily find on google chrome is Search In Tabs which again lets you search inside webpages text, but in order to see this extension in effect you will need to restart google chrome once you have installed this extension.

Working Of Search In Tabs For Google Chrome

On the right top corner you will see a search symbol. Click on the symbol and type your query. The query will be searched for in all tabs and all matches will be highlighted. The tabs containing matches are displayed as a short list. Each item in the list contains the title of the page, the favicon, the number of matches and a snippet of the first match. You can use arrow keys to navigate in the result list. The list is sorted according to the number of hits.

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