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by Rohit Khurana on August 18, 2010


You might face difficulties due to the viruses when you have to work online with some of your important documents. You can’t afford that the data (like your projects etc.) are affected by the virus present in your laptop. But at the same time, it takes a lot of time to scan your laptops and also updating the antivirus regularly is quit uninteresting. So, considering all these problems I found it very useful to work with BitDefender QuickScan. It is a Google Chrome extension which helps you to overcome all these problems.

BitDefender QuickScan is an easily available freeware. It is used to scan all those files and folders which are required to be virus free when you are using Google Chrome. The best thing about this tool is that you don’t have to download it. It is directly installed on your browser. And, whenever you need to work with your secure data, few clicks will solve your problem. So, your valuable time will also be saved.


The above snapshot shows how you have to work. Firstly, click on install. It will be installed within few seconds and represented on the browser in the top right corner as shown. Now, whenever you have to scan, click on the icon and scanning will start. It will complete in about one or two minutes. They may be a requirement to upload some files to scan them. The message will ask for your permission to do so as shown.



You can select whether you want to upload the files or not. If you don’t want to or are aware that the files are secure, you may not upload them. After the scanning is done, it will show the report of the process as in the snapshot below. It shows the number of files uploaded if any. The time taken to communicate and complete the scanning, the total traffic i.e. the data sent and received. The report button at the bottom contains the text file to display the complete description of the processes related to each file.


One of the good features is that since the tool works online you don’t need to update your tool. It will not take any memory space.

There are some points you have to take care of while using this tool. Firstly, the BitDefender QuickScan can only scan for the viruses but cannot be used to remove them. In case of any virus, you have to use some alternatives. Also, if your Internet is disconnected while you are scanning, you have to scan again. It will display the message as:


Thus, we see that with a few considerations to be taken care of this tool is very efficient to help you to work online securely. And, you can enjoy this tool just by installing it on your browser.

Install BitDefender QuickScan

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