Block And Remove Twitter Apps From Your Twitter Account

by Rohit Khurana on October 4, 2010


Twitter is one of the most handy social networking service which has become really popular with time. As is the case with most of the feature rich social networking websites which allow third party apps, twitter is also vulnerable to fall prey to some not-so-pleasant  apps. Sometimes, when you allow a third party twitter app to use you twitter account expecting that it will not post anything objectionable or unpleasant, you may not be right. You can easily get rid of any annoying twitter apps which you might have allowed while using some twitter app on your computer or tablet mobile device.


Some of the apps, which may not be as good as they seem when you authorize them, can be real trouble for your twitter account if it posts outrageous, unwanted or obscene content from your twitter account. In this article, we will share with you a very simple and easy way to see which apps are authorized to use your twitter account and post tweets using your twitter account. We will also tell you how you can block and remove any twitter apps from your twitter apps and revoke the access of such app to your account.

Before we tell you how to revoke access and block any twitter app, we would like to share a small fact. All the apps which you allow or grant access to use your twitter account are linked to your account. This all information is already there with your twitter account. As a safety practice, you must never save your twitter account password with any computer unless its always in your physical possession or is absolutely a personal computer. Also, when you want to allow any app to use your twitter account, make sure that it works with Twitter Oath Authorization and does not ask you to save your password with the app.

To block access of any app, you can simply log into your twitter account using any Internet browser. Once you are logged into twitter, click settings.



On settings page, click connections. This will list all the applications which have access to your twitter account. If you look closely, you will get to see when you granted access to this app, and what kind of access.

Read Only Access to Twitter account – Read only access is comparatively safer than the read and write access. But this does not mean it can’t harm you, it means this app will be able to know almost everything about your twitter account but will not post something on its on on your twitter account.

Read and Write Access – Read and write access can be more likely a breach in your privacy if the application is not trustworthy enough. This access not only allows it to get access to your twitter data, but also it allows the app to post any tweet from your account on your behalf which can be really embarrassing at times.

To avoid any embarrassing or offensive tweets posted by some random twitter app which you authorized by mistake, just click the “Revoke Access” link below the twitter application name. This will un-link the application from your twitter account and this app will not be able to post anything from your twitter account then onwards until you explicitly authorize it again.


Hope you find this tutorial easy to follow, we would recommend that you do it at least once in a month to be aware of which apps are actually accessing your account and tweeting on your behalf. Check our more Twitter Related Troubleshooting Tips here.

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