Block or Report Twitter ID As Spam Profile

by Rohit Khurana on July 29, 2010


With the growth of twitter everywhere these days there are many spam profiles which are not human but bots or some other people who may just want to advertise some of their product or just spam you with their replies like free iPad and other exciting which turn out to be fake and you get fooled, some times clicking these links can be really dangerous and might steal your data through some malwares which are installed on the website which opens after clicking the link.


The thing you should do to prevent clicking any spam or malicious link make sure you copy the link and check the complete log URL stored in the short link which you see, you can use these tools like Untiny – which lets you decode the these short links

Another way to identify these spam twitter id is to look at their profile page – just check if they have a normal description of their profile which read ok and then take a look how much people that twitter id is following and also see how many people who are following that twitter id, if you find any thing suspicious then you should block that id and report it as spam.


Follow the procedure below

1. Login to with your twitter account username and password

2. Now navigate to the twitter id replies section where you got the link or to the tweet where you have a spam link


3. Move Your mouse on the twitter id which sent that link and then select the option to block the id or report spam & block it as shown in the image below.


4. That’s it done.

The Id you just blocked cannot send any reply message to your twitter account.

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