How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Email Newsletters for Email Updates?

by Rohit Khurana on February 23, 2012


Many a times we sign up for a newsletter or email updates from a particular website in an impulse, some other times we sign up because the website forces you to sign-up if you want to download a particular file or tool from the website. Many websites and softwares ask you to register with them to use their services and they mischievously add the option of subscribing to email updates form the website or software developer. This way we end up having a lot of emails which we don’t need or we don’t want. In this article, I will share some graceful ways to get rid of unwanted email updates from email newsletters and mailing lists.

Broadly speaking these kind of emails can be divided into four categories which are – Email Newsletters By Websites, Product Promotion Emails, Updates From Online Shopping websites and Email Invitations to join different Internet services and websites. In this tutorial, I will share how to get rid of all these type of emails.

How To Unsubscribe From Email Newsletters

To get rid of an unwanted email newsletter which you receive often by email from news websites or blogs there is a very simple mechanism in place. Most of the newsletters are distributed by popular email newsletter services like feedburner and awber. All these newsletters have a unsubscribe or block link inside every newsletter you receive via email. In the example below, there is a screenshot of a feedburner email update where there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom. Just click the link, confirm the subscription and you will stop receiving updates.

How To Unsubsribe From Email Newsletter

image – How to unsubscribe from email newsletter

How To Get Rid Of Product Promotion Emails

Many gadgets manufacturers of software companies send out emails to registered users whenever a new gadget or software is released. Many a timed we may no longer be interested in such emails but we do get receiving such emails against our will. To block such emails, there is a similar kind of link to block or opt-out of email updates usually inside the updates itself. In below example, there is a link at the bottom of the email which says “If you prefer not to receive commercial emails, or if you have changed your email address click here”. Just click such links and confirm the same and you will stop receiving product promotion emails.

Unsubscribe From Product Promotion emails


image – Block or stop product promotion emails

How To Stop Emails From Online Shopping Websites

If you once shop using any popular online shopping website and create an account with them, they usually keep sending you new deals and updates on new products or related stuff via email. Mostly these emails are interesting, but we usually get annoyed with too many of such email updates. If you are fed up of these emails, you can simply find an unsubscribe or block link inside such emails. Alternatively, you can login into the online shopping website using your account information and change your communication preference there. This way you will stop receiving unwanted email updates.

Unsubscribe From ecommerce website emails

How To Block Invitation To Join Websites or Web Services

If some of your friends start using a particular social networking website, a web service or any website network, these services get your email id information from your friend’s email accounts and start sending you email invitations to join their network or service. This is very common to receive invitations from all sort of websites and web services. If you want to get rid of such invitations and block them in future, instead of deleting them, find the block link inside such emails and follow the next step to keep your email id out of the invitation list. This way, when your email address will be noted by the website or web service and they will stop bugging you.

Unsubscribe From Website Invitation emails

NOTE : Many of the services (which don’t follow good ethical conduct) may still send emails to you. For such emails, report them as Spam and they will not land in your inbox again as they will be filtered to your Spam or junk folder.

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