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by Rohit Khurana on September 17, 2010


If you want that the explicit websites which are available in plenty over internet, doesn’t capture the young fantasy of your child, then you can use a toll called Parental Control Bar to block all explicit sites.

Parental Control Bar is a very simple tool which blocks all those adult and explicit sites which could capture your child’s fantasy and distract them from studies. This tool will help you in monitoring your family’s online activity and prevent your child from distracting his mind. This tool will install as a tab on your web browser and hence with one simple click, you can turn on Child lock.

When you run the installation file of this tool, you will be asked to enter a password. Actually this is the password which you will be require to enter if you want to unlock the child mode and switch to parental mode. I will tell about both modes later. So in first box, enter any password and repeat same for second box. Third box is basically the question which you want this tool to ask, when you want to switch to parental mode.

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Now in the next step you are required to enter your e-mail address so that if in case you forget your Parental Mode password, this tool will send you mail about your password and hence you will be able to retrieve your password. But before entering your mail address, ensure that your children don’t knows it password or you have not saved it on your browser.

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Once all the setup is complete, you will see a tab bar on your explorer as shown below.

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This tool automatically open in parental mode. Parental mode means mode in which you have access to all web sites as you usually have. But if you want to turn on block feature for you child, you will just need to click on Parental Mode and then this will automatically change to Child Mode.


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Now all explicit sites will be blocked. If in case your child tries to open any explicit site, he will get an error message that access to request site is denied. You can see below how this error message look like.

13-09-2010 01-22-58

Only you have authority to enter your password and access the site but no other person open website without knowing the password. By default, this tool block many of web sites which you may find not at all harmful for your child. For example it blocks search engine Google because from here anyone can search even for adult material.

So if you find any of your child’s necessity site being blocked by this tool, you can even all that site o safe list and give permission to allow that site to open in child mode. For adding any site to safe list, you will need to switch to parental mode and then open that particular site and then click on Add Site to Safe List present on tab bar and then again enter password to add that particular site to safe list.

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You can even go to kid tracker to see which all are the sites open by your child. So in this way you can completely monitor your child.

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The size of this tool is 4.75 Mb and it will itself get added in you internet browser when you install it. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Window 7 Ultimate –32 bit edition.

Download ParentalControl

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