Block, Lock Access To Files, Folders & Windows Drives [For XP Only]

by Rohit Khurana on November 9, 2010


The privacy and security are the major concern of our laptop. Many a times, we have to share our laptops with our friends or colleagues. At that time, we don’t want that user to open certain files and folders or even the complete drive. Now, we can’t peek into the laptop again and again. We feel better to hide such files and folders. But still you may feel unsure if you have to share it for a longer period. So, a better option is to lock them and deny their access. The tool named as File & Folder Locker is one of the very good solution to this problem.

The File & Folder Locker is a freeware of 2.21 MB only. As the name suggests, the utility helps you to lock the files and folders. It also allows you to lock or hide the drives. The snapshot below shows the tool.


As shown the utility is very easy to use. Browse the file or folder and select to lock it. Now, whenever the user will try to open the folder, system will show the notification of access denied. And for files, there are different notifications for various types of files. Like for pictures it will show “No Preview Available”. If you want to access that file or folder, again browse it and select to unlock it.


In case of drives, you need not to browse it. There will be a drop down menu (designed from C to H drive) to select the drive. You can either lock or hide the drive. Along with that there is also the option to refresh.

You might be thinking that how the tool is beneficial if anyone can lock or unlock your personal data. But everyone does not have the authority to use it. The tool is password protected. You must know the password to use it. Once you have entered the password, you can lock or unlock any number of documents. Initially, the password is to be set at the time of installation. Further, it can be changed if required. Even before you want to uninstall the software, you have to enter the password.


There are some other options also like log off windows and convert to NTFS. So, we can see that the use of File & Folder Locker is completely safe and secure. You can now share you system with anyone and your data will be fully protected. Now, you need not to worry about the loss or theft of your documents in the system.

File & Folder Locker has been specifically designed for Windows XP only.

Download File & Folder Locker

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lotif November 22, 2012 at 6:55 am

I use W7 ultimate
I can find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl but
I am trying but i can’t find ControlStorageDevicePolicies

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