3 Ways To Hide Trending Articles, Videos On Facebook Timeline

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on July 31, 2012


Facebook has added new way some months ago to promote content from some big media publications like Yahoo, Huffing Post, ESPN and The Guardian etc. This trending articles often appear on Facebook timeline and unlike other updates which you can hide by clicking a cross button, these updates does not have a cross button with which you can hide them as you can see in the image below.

Facebook Trending Articles

Currently there is no possible settings in facebook which could allow you to turn off these trending articles appearing on your timeline. Similarly you see another entry appearing on your facebook timeline which says Trending Videos, by following the procedure below you can get rid of the facebook trending videos and articles both by applying the same methods mentioned below.

Ways To Block Facebook Trending Videos, Articles

Method 1: Under Privacy Settings Block The Publication and Apps

Login to facebook account and go to privacy settings as highlighted in the image below.

Facebook Account Privacy Settiings

Under privacy settings and click the link which says Manage Blocking – which will be under Blocked People and Apps as shown in the image below. [ You will find this section at the bottom of the page under privacy settings in facebook ]

manage blocking

Under Manage blocking, scroll down where you see the text box to type the name of the app which you would like to block from facebook, and type the following names mentioned below,

  • Yahoo!
  • Yahoo! (There’s 2 of them)
  • The Washington Post
  • Washington Post
  • Washington Post Social Reader
  • Spotify
  • ESPN
  • Daily Horoscopes (Ton of apps with this name… the 2nd one did the trick for me.)
  • The Guardian
  • The Huffington Post

Do add more names if you know through the comments on this post at the end.

one by and add to the block list as shown in the image below.

block facebook apps

That’s it once done, you will not see those trending articles from these publications. Similarly you can blocks the apps from which you see the trending videos. One such app which I see most of the time is Socialcam.

Method 2: Installing A Browser Extension Which Automatically Hides Trending Articles Or Videos

Under this method you can install some extensions as per the browser you are using, normally these extensions work with popular browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. There are two extensions on this which can help you block trending videos or articles on your facebook friends timeline updates.


The first extension is called Stylish which can be installed in Firefox, Chrome and Opera – you can download the firefox and chrome version of this extension for free and the go to this page to install a userscript to remove trending articles on facebook

F B Purity

Second extension is called F.B. Purity [ Google Chrome ] Cleans Up Facebook which is targeted to clean up the facebook interface and removes the trending articles or videos from facebook timeline or news feed – as you can see in the image below, options to disable or enable it back. Firefox users can use this userscript to hide trending videos or articles on facebook news feed.

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