[Privacy] Block Unwanted Tagging In Facebook Pictures And Posts

by Rohit Khurana on July 19, 2012


Posts and pictures tagging is one of the most interesting features of Facebook social networking website, but these features can be misused and well be the most annoying features of the Facebook too. One of the most common complains we get regarding Facebook privacy on our question answer portal is related to unwanted tagging.

There is a common practice followed by many Facebook users to tag pictures which they find interesting with the name of their friends. They tag pictures even when the person they are tagging is not related to the picture in any way, but they just want to catch the attention of people by tagging them in such pictures and posts. And the worst part is when some tags a picture or post with multiple people and they start commenting on the picture or post. Every time someone makes a comment or likes such posts or pictures, the other tagged people start receiving notifications which is quite annoying at times. In this article, I will share a small but useful tip with you on how to prevent unwanted tagging and notification spams on the posts as pictures which were wrongly tagged with your Facebook profile.

Unwanted Tags And Notifications In Facebook

In simple Facebook mannerism, one should not tag you in a picture in which you are not present and you are not related to, but people do ignore this basic manner and they can be controlled. But what can be controlled is if the tags with your profile are accepted by Facebook and displayed on your timeline or not.

In Facebook privacy options, you can simply prevent pictures or posts tagged with your profile to show your tags until you approve such tags. This is a big relief especially when people add inappropriate pictures to Facebook and you don’t want such pictures to be on your Facebook timeline. To make these changes, simply follow these simple steps:

Step1:  Sign into your Facebook account on your computer and click on small arrow on the top right symbol on top right side of the main screen, this will display some options including Privacy Settings, click on it.


Privacy Settings In Facebook

Step 2: On the next screen it will show you some privacy settings, in these settings locate Timeline and Tagging and click on Edit Settings in front of this option.Change Privacy Settings In Facebook

Step3: On the timeline and tagging options, one by one click on the options for “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” and “Review tags friends add to your own posts Facebook” and turn on or enable these two settings.

Settings Which cause unwanted tags in facebook

Review Pictures Tags In Facebook

Review Posts Tags In Facebook

After you make these two changes, simply click Done and now on all the posts and pictures which your friends tag you in will require your approval before they make it to your timeline. Hope you find this small privacy tip useful, do share it with all your Facebook friends so that they can also benefit from it.

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