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by Rohit Khurana on May 19, 2012


YouTube is gradually becoming new search engine with the bandwidth improving and video streaming becoming more smooth, more and more Internet users prefer search topics on YouTube Videos and watch it rather than reading something to understand it. YouTube as a service has also evolved a lot in past few years with more and more videos uploading every second around the world. The interface of the YouTube home page has also improved with new features, new looks, suggestions etc.

Some of these features may not seem equally useful or interesting to all users, especially when they don’t work well for some users. One such features is suggestion or suggested videos in the sidebar of the YouTube page which show up whenever you watch a certain video. The sidebar shows related videos which are in some way similar to the video you watch frequently or are on topics of your interest as per the understanding of YouTube’s understanding based on your Google and YouTube viewing history. Now the problem arises when you get too many suggestions from a particular channel which you may not like.

youtube channel blocker

For example I like watching videos related to cars, but I don’t like videos from a particular car related channel. How about If I am able to block only that particular channel from showing up on my YouTube video suggestions? Well this is exactly possible with a simple and effective Google Chrome Extension.

youtube channel blocker2


This extension is known as RE:Channel Blocker and can be quickly added to Google Chrome browser and it will get activated. Now next time you see a suggested video from a particular YouTube channel which you don’t like, simply hoover your mouse on the bottom right corner of the suggestion box, a red colored “Block” button will appear and you can easily block that channel by clicking on it. The video will not appear on the suggestion bar on your YouTube Video suggestion page.

youtube channel blocker3

To see what channels you have blocked and unblock them, simply right-click on any of the extensions and click Manage Extensions, locate the RE:Channel Blocker and click on Options and it will show you all the blocked channels and you can unblock them from here.

youtube channel blocker6

youtube channel blocker4

youtube channel blocker5

Hope you find this tip useful. Also check out : Stop Multiple YouTube Videos From Playing And Buffering Simultaneously.

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Reported as not working every times. Never worked for me so far.

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