Break, Split Big, Long Text Files In Parts

by Rohit Khurana on November 11, 2010


Sometimes there are instances when a certain person would want to load a text file with 2000 lines onto a webpage with a word limit of 200 lines per upload in a compatible format. At this moment he would be very frustrated on what to do with the file. Either he will have to abort uploading a file or he would have to manually copy paste and split the file into 20 pieces, which will take up a lot of time and will not be neat as well, as all the parts would not be of the same size. There are many other reasons why a person would want to split a text file as one may want to break a long text file into parts so that he could send it as an sms to a cell phone or print it in pages according to his own need or send a log file into pieces to someone.

It is very difficult for a person to split text files by opening new windows and copy pasting the original into different ones in pieces. Also one cannot make sure that a specific line has not been copy pasted earlier and he might repeat a line in the next part which might not look clean. So then how can one split his or her text files into neatly parted different pieces which would be of the same size and there would be no repeats for sure. With Simple text splitter you can easily split files with one click and you can specify the number of pieces also.

The interface is very good looking and easy to use also there is no need to install the software, you just have to run the executable file and it works in a flash.The time taken is also very less for the splitting so the performance part is also good. Lets see how it works.

This is how it looks after running the exe file

file cutter


For example we dragged and dropped the readme file from the text splitter itself and all we had to do was to select an output folder, Which even gives you an option to create a new folder from the browse window itself. Also you can select the number of chunks you want to split your files into and you can also split files from .txt, log, m3u,pls and other formats. Then we have to select the naming of the separated files as original or part index or index only. All you have to do in the end is press the start button and the application will automatically split your text files into number of chunks that you specified.

After the process is finished you can open the output folder that you chose earlier and see for yourself the splitted files. That will look like this.

file cutter 2

Here you have the neatly splitted files which we already opened for you to see.Also some extra features of this program are that is has got an improved interface, improved file loading performance and added unicode support to name a few. The most important ones are that it supports drag and drop and there are a few minor fixes as well so that the performance is good enough.

All we have to say in the end is that if you have to deal with large chunks of data or text files than this might be a useful tool for you so you can download it for free and keep it for the unexpected .

Download Simple Text Splitter

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