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by Rohit Khurana on August 18, 2011


With the advancement in technology day by day, we have seen that some time back Internet Browser was introduced with a new functionality known as Tabbed browsing. Many browsers were introduced are now currently being used which uses this technology and functionality. Tabbed Browsing allows the user to surf a large number of websites, or different pages from the same website and that too in the same browser window. Although, as said before there are several browsers which supports tabbed browsing and one of those browsers is Google Chrome.


It is a very light weight browser and nowadays, it is very commonly used by the users working in almost every domain which uses the computers in its operations. You might have used Google-Chrome and you may have observed that whenever you open any link in the new tab, then the new tab that open-up, always loads up in the background and you always remain on the same page from which you might have clicked the link. What this means is that the user is not directly taken to the new tab or the new page which has been opened in the new tab. So, user need to click on the new tab opened in order to view the content of the page and the other things which it contains. Although, some may like this feature of staying up on the same page because by the time the user is done with the reading of the current webpage and visit the newly opened tab, it completely loads up and there is no need to wait separately for it.



But, there may be other users who do not like this feature of staying back on the same page and they may like to move on the new page opened in the new tab. So, for such users, Google has introduced one of the new extensions for its browser and it has been named as “Tabs to the front”. As discussed earlier, this new extension will help the user to move on the new webpage directly and automatically as soon as the user clicks on the link.




So, if you think that you also want such feature to be added to your Google Chrome browser, then you may simply download this freely available extension from the below given link. If anytime, you find that it is not useful and you want the default settings back in which you stay on the same page then you may simply disable this extension and you will get your settings back.

Tabs to the Front!

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khalaf August 18, 2011 at 6:25 pm

I appreciate your efforts ,may God protect you

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