Broadband connection disconnects again and again

by Abhishek Bhatnagar on March 14, 2008



Last night when I was checking my emails at home, my broadband connections was disconnecting again and again. I use an MTNL triband broadband connection using ADSL technology with a UT star modem (model UT-300R2U). When I Googled for the same, I came to know that this problem is very common among various broadband services like BSNL data one, Airtel Broadband. I tried to find out the main reasons and the solutions. Let me present you the summary of my research with troubles and its fixes.

Why disconnection happens frequently ?

Some of the possible reasons are:

  1. Poor line quality (lots of noise in phone line)
  2. Faulty Splitter
  3. ISP side issues (issue at service provider’s end)
  4. Synchronization problems
  5. Faulty Router / ADSL modem equipment
  6. Improper connection with splitter

There may be more reasons, but these are the most common reasons for disconnection and reconnection again and again. Lets see how to find and fix the trouble.


Let me point down solutions to the issues mentioned above one-by-one:

1. Poor line quality: Lodge a complaint with the service provider (MTNL, BSNL, Airtel etc.) and ask them to correct the line noise. It is generally simple to solve. It fixes the issue to a great extent.

2. Faulty Splitter: A broadband splitter is installed during the installation of a broadband connection, it looks like something you can see in image below. A broadband splitter looks like a simple phone splitter, though it is much more complicated than that. If your broadband disconnects when receiving or making phone-calls, then lodge a complain and request for change of splitter. If you have installed your own splitter, you need to buy another one. It takes care that while your broadband connection is trying to synchronize with the ISP server, there should not be any disturbances due to phone usage.



3. ISP side issues: This may happen many times due to reset in ISP side servers. This kind of problem is temporary and is solved on its own. If it remains for long time, lodge a complaint and get the connection checked.

4. Synchronization problem: Faulty splitter, or noisy phone line, or faulty router, or any mix of these can cause synchronization issues. This can be tested and solved by service provider.

5. Faulty router / ADSL modem / CPE : If your modems is going faulty, you need to get it replaced, if its in warranty, then get it replaced, else its shopping time.

6. Improper connection with splitter: This is one of the trivial looking problem, but it can cause serious problems. There are three post on splitter viz. “ADSL , LINE , PHONE”. Make sure that you plug in the line coming into the house in LINE port , Connect the router in ADSL port and connect your telephone instrument in PHONE port. This will solve the issue of synchronization if the cabling was wrong earlier.

This trouble creates a lot of dependency on service provider, but hope that the research I shared with you will help you Find and Fix it with the help of service provider.

Hope it helps!

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Sushil December 10, 2008 at 6:58 am

Dear Sir
Can u please tell how i can use my Dataone BSNL Broadband ( Home Unlimited) at my shop where i have limited plan? BSNL people says the port is binded and only one telephone number can use one connection…..Means i can use my home connection at my home and shop connection at shop…..Can u tell me any solution for using my password anywhere?

Rajkumar Khatri January 12, 2009 at 8:33 am

I was having same problem… i was harassed by this issue./.. finally when searching , i found this webpage…. and now my problem has been solved…
i was getting too much noise in my phone line… pulled out the phone line from the splitter and blinking/disconnection stopped. wow… great, my problem was solved.. So the problem was in Faulty Splitter. Next day i called BSNL technician and he changed the splitter.
Now i can work on internet without any problem.
Thanks buddy…For all this help.

فارکس April 15, 2009 at 11:33 am

was having same problem

Gary Dudding July 4, 2009 at 11:30 am

Thanks for this post- lots of information for me to go on

raj June 12, 2011 at 12:34 pm

I also having same problem of blinking yellow light intermittently along with disconnection. I will try replacing splitter as I don’t have any other issue with phone. Thanks for this research

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